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Verity Gill

"It’s important to do something that makes you feel good every day."

I was introduced to yoga at an early age through my mother's daily asana and meditation practice. In my teens, I explored martial arts and in 2003 began attending classes at Yoga Synergy. Initially, yoga appealed to me as a way of improving my martial arts through greater flexibility and strength. As my professional life became busier, I found I was spending a lot of time sitting at my computer – doing yoga became a way to reverse the impact this was having on my body. Through regular practice, I realized that yoga offered additional benefits including increased energy levels, improved concentration and deeper relaxation. On a whim, I attended a teacher training course in Byron Bay and was amazed at how good it felt to pass on what I’d learned. It seemed natural to continue down this path and I began studying to become a teacher with Simon Borg Olivier and Bianca Machliss at Yoga Synergy.

Yoga to me is more than performing a series of postures. It’s a process of self-observation and adjustment that leads to a feeling of inner stillness and focus. My practice gives me the chance to step outside daily life into my own space – to be present in the moment. It’s important to do something that makes you feel good every day – whether it’s a yoga class, swimming in the ocean or reading a good book. I love the simplicity of yoga – you only need your body, a mat (even this isn’t essential) and some time to yourself.

When it comes to practising yoga, it’s the process not the outcome that matters. It doesn’t matter how long you can hold a headstand or whether or not you can touch your toes. What’s important is that you approach your practice in a responsive manner, with a calm and open mind and a willingness to try (even if you don't quite nail it). Teaching yoga has helped me develop greater awareness of and compassion for others. I aim to inspire, challenge and encourage every student and create a yoga practice that they will really benefit from. But good teachers are students too and I’m constantly striving to refine my own knowledge, yoga practice and teaching techniques.

About Verity

Outside of yoga, Verity runs a successful graphic design and photography business. She has a passion for generating creative, ethical and sustainable design. Her yoga practice is a source of focus and has been of great assistance in her professional life. Verity attended Byron Yoga’s Intensive Teacher Training Course with John Ogilvy, and has completed her Yoga Synergy Teacher Training and Yoga Synergy Anatomy & Physiology Course. She has also studied yoga history and philosophy with Phil Lemke and attended workshops with Clive Sheridan and Kathryn Budig. Verity has been training in martial arts since 1999 and holds a black belt in Taekwando. Always ready to go upside down, Verity is currently studying acroyoga and aerial circus.