Annabelle Sims

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Annabelle began practicing yoga in her early twenties. Competitive sport lead to a serious injury, from which yoga helped in her recovery and lead her to the path of teaching.

“I’m passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with everyone, regardless of age, flexibility or fitness.”

Growing up, my connection to movement began with a passion for dance and sport, including athletics and swimming. I became interested in Yoga in my early twenties when I was looking for something to help soothe my body and mind. My active lifestyle took a toll on my body and lead to a serious injury. I found Yoga as a way to help regain my strength whilst focusing on my mental wellbeing.

Whilst on the path to rehabilitation I enjoyed exploring the ongoing synergy between physiotherapy and Yoga as a student within the Yoga Synergy system. This inspired me to join the teaching team because the unique style Bianca and Simon have created based on their deep understanding of anatomy and physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga can benefit everyone regardless of flexibility or fitness. I enjoy sharing my Yoga journey and take pride in watching others experience the physical and emotional benefits of Yoga.

I became a Yoga teacher because I wanted a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of Yoga beyond the physical postures. I’m passionate about sharing my experience and the benefits of a regular practice with as many people as possible, because the transformation I have seen in my own body is truly remarkable.

With a full-time marketing career Yoga has provided a way for me to find balance both physically and mentally. I am currently completing my 200hr Yoga Synergy Teacher Training in Sydney with Bianca Machliss, and studied Anatomy and Physiology and Yoga Therapy with Simon Borg-Olivier. I have also developed a keen interest in the science of positive physiology, recently completing a course in The Science of Happiness through the University of California, Berkley.
My family are also Yoga Synergy students so when I’m not practicing with them, I am down at the beach spending as much time as possible swimming in the ocean. I enjoy escaping down the South Coast of NSW for the occasional weekend and taking time out in a small coastal town called Gerroa.