Kim Wainer

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Kim’s first love was gymnastics. She competed in local and regional competitions, and then transitioned into dance. When she was 16, Kim fell in love with Raja yoga, and studied with the Brahma Kumaris daily for 10 years. She travels annually to India to deepen her yoga studies.

“I was drawn to yoga because of the way it utilizes movement, breath and mental focus to maintain health and harmony.”

I first became interested in yoga when, after years of intense physical training in gymnastics and dance, as well as training in Raja yoga, I discovered the practice of hatha yoga was a combination of gymnastics, dance and Raja yoga. What I value most about yoga is its capacity to deepen my experience of life, by expanding my awareness, improving my concentration and enriching my relationships.

I became a yoga teacher because my yoga practice helps me to feel peaceful, loving and happy, and I love to share this energy with my students. The more subtle aspects of yoga – visualisation and meditation – are powerful tools to help us create and master our experience of life.

In 2012, after exploring many other styles of hatha yoga, I chose to learn the Yoga Synergy method, which I see as an authentic practice. The love and enthusiasm with which it is shared is inspiring. I believe the Yoga Synergy method of practising is wise and gentle, and therefore sustainable – something I could continue to do every day for the rest of my life. The emphasis on practising each asana so that it feels right in each moment, and the importance of not comparing yourself to anyone else, or even with your own past, encourages a practice that is safe, enjoyable, powerful and authentic.