Lilian Rytt

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Lilian Rytt is a practicing Childbirth Educator and Birth Assistant (Doula) and has assisted in many births.

Lilian has a vast experience in bodywork and women’s health, using a variety of different modalities and for many years has worked at Yoga Synergy as a pre-post natal yoga teacher since 1997.

“Working with pregnant women and offering them the benefits of Yoga during this precious time fills me with joy.”

In addition, Lilian is a Shiatsu practitioner and lecturer at Nature Care College. She is also a Bowen therapist and Radiance therapist.

Lilian has a vast experience in bodywork and health.

She is a qualified Shiatsu Practitioner, since 1986, and lectures up to Diploma Level in Shiatsu at Nature Care College and the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

In addition, Lilian is a qualified Bowen Therapy Practitioner, a practicing Birth Assistant (Doula), who has been assisting women in birth for over 27 years. Lilian has been practising and teaching yoga since 1984 and incorporates this into her treatments – pre&post natal, Bowen, Shiatsu.

She has recently qualified as a Vet Nurse, and uses her Bowen and Shiatsu skills to improve animal health post surgery or illness.

Lilian draws on her many years of experience and variety of bodywork skills to replenish and center your life force.