Piotr Bozym

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Piotr began practicing yoga at Yoga Synergy and went on to complete his Yoga Synergy Teacher Training and Yoga Synergy Anatomy & Physiology Course. He has taken part in workshops with Clive Sheridan and David Swenson, and studied yoga history and philosophy with Phil Lemke.

“What I value most about yoga is the equilibrium it provides. I enjoy the challenge of a physically demanding posture and I understand the importance of working within your body’s limits.”

I became interested in yoga because of the way it combines movement, breath and mental focus to maintain health and harmony. It’s a concept I was introduced to while learning martial arts. I appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the yoga practice. There’s no need for a bag full of equipment or to schedule competitors; there’s just your mind and body, a sequence of movements, and the discipline to do your practice regularly! I value the equilibrium that a yoga practice provides. I enjoy the challenge of working with a complex and physically demanding posture. But equally, I understand the importance of practising mindfully and working appropriately within your body’s needs at any given time.

I became a yoga teacher as I thrive on the dynamic energy of leading a group practice, while ensuring that individuals in the group receive the attention required.

I chose to join the Yoga Synergy team because I was inspired by how Bianca, Simon and all the other teachers make yoga accessible to everyone who walks through the door!