Robbie Solomon

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Robbie became intrigued with yoga after spending a year in India and other parts of Asia. She also learned meditation in a Burmese Buddhist monastery. When she returned to Australia, Robbie practised Iyengar yoga as well as studied Hatha yoga and philosophy with Acharya Upendra Roy.

Robbie has completed the Prenatal Yoga Certificate with Janice Clarfield and attended Birthlight Part 1 & 2 for pre- and postnatal yoga.

“Yoga brings me into the present moment; it gives me energy, and makes me feel grounded and light of heart. Yoga also brings me a sense of physical freedom.”

I became interested in yoga when I discovered it brings me into the present moment more than any other activity I’ve tried. What I value most about it is the peace of mind that I experience. It gives me energy, yet makes me feel grounded and light of heart at the same time. Yoga also brings me a sense of physical freedom through increased strength and flexibility. Every time I attend a class or do my own practice I feel connected to myself and to others. When yoga is practised well it has the power to transform.

I became a yoga teacher because I still remember how inspired I felt the first time I attended a yoga class. Yoga presented a mystery, the secret of which I longed to discover. As I began practising regularly, I was excited to regain some of the flexibility I had as a child. My practice has given me so much that I want to be able to pass on those benefits and experiences to others. I started teaching prenatal yoga because it really compliments my work as a midwife.

I enjoy being part of the Yoga Synergy team because I love the style of yoga Bianca and Simon have developed. Although each Yoga Synergy teacher teaches the same yoga style and sequence, we have our own individual style and special gifts to bring to our students. There’s a mutual respect among the teachers and this provides a great environment for growth. I like that our yoga style is versatile enough that you can work at a few different levels in the class, allowing students to get the most out of their individual practice.