Anna Smirnova

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Anna has been practicing yoga for the 16 years, and recently completed the Yoga Synergy Teacher Training and apprenticeship with Bianca. She is excited to start teaching at Yoga Synergy Newtown.

“I wish for all my students to discover the gems of practicing yoga.”

I started my yoga journey in my late 20s when I was looking for ways to improve how my body feels.

Doing yoga did more than just improve how my body felt. It improved my body awareness, focus, balance, life attitude and that was just the beginning over the last 16 years of practice I have learnt so much.

In 2022 I completed the Yoga Synergy online teacher training, in conjunction with attending Bianca’s classes in Newtown. After completing the training I have done apprenticeship with Bianca in class and am excited to be teaching at Yoga Synergy Newtown.

I wish for everyone to discover the gems of practicing yoga. I’m very excited to teach and share my passion, to help others discover the gems and benefits of yoga that have enhanced my life so much.