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Spinal Movements

Spinla movements lectures

  • How to Move Your Spine (45 minutes)
    Applications to Classical Postures (15 minutes)
  • Demonstration Sequence: Intermediate Level Spinal Movements Sequence (3 minutes)
  • Verbally and Visually Instructed Practice Class (54 minutes)
  • This beginner level sequence is a safe and effective practice for nearly everyone.

Yoga Fundamentals

Yoga Fundamentals Complete Lectures & Practice

  • Topic 1: The History, Philosophy & Purpose of Yoga
  • Topic 2: Basic Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga
  • Topic 3: Introductory Yoga
  • Topics 4 – 6: Standing Poses
  • Topics 7 – 9: Floor Poses
  • Topic 10: Inversions
  • Topic 11: Breathing (Pranayama)
  • Topic 12: Meditation and Relaxation

5 Elements Series

Yoga Fundamentals Complete Lectures & Practice

  • A Video set for each of the Five elements including:
  • An instructed Beginner level sequence demonstrating both easy and harder versions of all postures
  • An Intermediate level sequence for a deeper practice lead by Simon
    Simon Borg-Olivier demonstrating Advanced level sequence to music
  • Still pictures of all postures so you can practice at your own speed
  • Over 3 hours of yoga postures, sequences and information!

Complete Anatomy and Physiology Lectures

Complete Anatomy & Physiology Lecture Series

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga
  • Topic 2: The Shoulder Joint Complex
  • Topic 3: The Elbow and Wrist Joint Complexes
  • Topic 4: The Hip Joint Complex
  • Topic 5: The Knee Joint Complex
  • Topic 6: The Ankle Joint Complex
  • Topic 7:  The Waist, Chest and Neck Joint Complexes
  • Topic 8: Breathing and Circulation
  • Topic 9: The Nervous System
  • Topic 10: Body Systems (Part A)
  • Topic 11: Body Systems (Part B)
  • Topic 12: Yogic Physiology

Beginner – Earth


Beginner – Water


Beginner – Fire


Each Element Features:

  • Intermediate Demonstration Sequence
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Introductory Beginner Practice
  • Complete Beginner Practice
  • Over 2 hours of yoga postures, sequences and information.

Beginner – Air


Beginner – Ether