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Our Online Courses

Essential Courses

Advanced Fundamentals

Includes downloadable videos

Price $644 (USD $440) 
Earn $161 (USD $110)


Includes downloadable videos
+ Ebook

Price $644 (USD $440) 
Earn $161 (USD $110)


Includes downloadable videos

Price $644 (USD $440) 
Earn $161 (USD $110)


Essentials for teaching safe, effective Yoga
Blending the science of physiotherapy and traditional yoga, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of yoga postures and pranayama. and one more line and one more lineand one more line and here and here


‘Must do’ foundational course
This course uniquely applies the knowledge of medical anatomy and physiology to the practice of yoga. and one more line p to here and here adn here and here adn here and here and here


Therapeutic applications of posture, movement and breathing
Grounding you in the principles and practice of basic physical (physio) therapy and yoga therapy and how to prevent and approach many common injuries.


Skill Building Courses


Learn how to safely and effectively perform 84 yoga postures.

Price $387 (USD $266) 
Earn $96.75 (USD $66.50)


Learn fluid spinal movements for strength, flexibility & core mobilisation.

Price $289 (USD $199) 
Earn $72.25 (USD $50)


12 ways to increase your energy, regulate your appetite, improve your digestion and heart health.

Price $108 (USD $74) 
Earn $27 (USD $18.50)


Learn to breathe effectively and feel the benefits immediately. An introduction to Pranayama.

Price $108 (USD $74) 
Earn $27 (USD $18.50)

Consistently Happy Students

I’ve been studying with Simon & Bianca in person and online since 2011. I have done all their online courses and participated in many of their workshops. Before that, I’d been trained as an Ashtanga teacher and suffered several self inflicted injuries. It was only when Yoga Synergies teachings started to sink in that I realized how little I know… continue reading

I would recommend Simon’s course on the Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga to anyone who is serious about their yoga practice. If you want to really understand what is happening in your body from an anatomical and physiological perspective when you are practicing yoga, then this course is vital. I’ve been going to Simon’s classes for over 5 years… continue reading continue reading