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Are your hamstrings okay?

Do you have a hamstring tear?

Over-stretching can easily damage your hamstrings and if you keep ‘trying to stretch them out’ they can get more damaged and take years to heal. Long walking can make the hamstrings a little tighter but it is often in a good way. Definitely don’t try to stretch out a hamstring tear because it would slow down the healing process.

Minimize any sense of stretching at the back of the thigh in forward bends by pushing the sitting bones into your heels, by bending the knees slightly and plantarflexing the ankles (press the base of the big toe further away from you).

To strengthen the hamstring, which can help healing of done properly, stand on your good leg and step the bad leg about half a meter behind you and come to your toe tip, keep the hips level, keep your lower back lengthened by pushing the tailbone down and turn the thigh of the bad leg inwards (internally rotate the hip) and lift the leg off the floor with your knee straight. This can help your knee health too.

Thanks to Dhyan for this photo of Bianca Machliss and I in Krounchasana some years ago.
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