Fitness Life Magazine Article: Interview with Simon Borg-Olivier on Yoga Synergy Style

A scientist with a heart for all things yogic: Simon Borg-Olivier chats to Fitness Life Magazine about his obstacle-ridden journey to balance, his purist food philosophy and the style of yoga he developed to cater specifically to the needs of the Western physique Click here to view the complete Fitness Life Magazine Article on Yoga Synergy Style.

Hatha Yoga Stretching and Muscle Strengthening Exercise

A Guide for Physiotherapists by Simon Borg-Olivier & Bianca Machliss (A paper Presented at “The Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference for Alternative Therapies”, at Byron Bay, Australia July 1997) Introduction Yoga has a recorded history of at least five thousand years (Feuerstein, 1996). Hatha yoga involves the physical aspect of this ancient Indian science. Some of the elements of Hatha yoga …