Join us online for the FIRE Sequence

We have three options to choose from if you’d like to do some Yoga from home. 8 WEEK FIREwith Bianca: Join Bianca for the full FIRE sequence filmed at home. This is an 8 week progressive practice like we do in class ending in a music practice. Most classes are between 30 – 50 minutes. You can stream these Fire …

Warm up with a FREE Online Class

We are practicing the Fire Sequence in class. For our non local friends you can always try our online classes: Purchase your Pass here. Or try a FREE Class below.  Fire Sequence is designed to be a heating dynamic energising practice to benefit you during the cold winter months. Fire is the transformative element!

Simple Spinal Movements for Health and Wellbeing

* Appropriate movement can regulate breathing and enhanced circulation with profound calmness. * These simple combined spinal movements create synchronised patterns of expansion and contraction within the body that regulates your breathing provided you are relaxed. * If you simply allow the air to come in and out as you move through these 4 main linked positions you will notice …

NEW! Beginner Yoga Tips with Bianca Machliss

Recently filmed, Yoga Synergy now offer a set of beginner videos, presented by Yoga Synergy Director, Bianca Machliss. The perfect introduction to your Yoga journey. Bianca covers many of the basic instructions you’ll hear in a Yoga Synergy style class, what they mean and how to approach the asanas (postures) safely as a beginner. We’re all unique, and therefore need …

Earth starts this week!

Earth Sequence starts on Monday January 30th. To get you prepared we’re offering 20% OFF Our Elements Earth Sequence Video available to download and stream. Purchase here