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01/12/2019 at 6:54 am #48487
Susan Van der Ham

Hi everyone! My name is Suus and I’m a Dutch girl who has been lucky enough to live in Sydney for four years. This is also where my yoga journey has started and was told by my teacher about Bianca and Simon. With a hip injury, yoga seemed the only way I could move my body in a safe way. Starting my yoga journey I always thought that I could not be a yoga teacher because I’m not flexible enough and wasn’t able to do poses because of my hip. I have now learned that because of my injury and my stiff body I was forced to slow down and stop looking around to see if I was the best in the class. I would literally cheer myself on in child pose. To have started my online course now and going to Italy in 2020 is something I’m very excited about and I feel very grateful.