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      In Session 1 of Topic 2 you will be introduced to the main terms and concepts of functional musculoskeletal anatomy.

      In Session 2 of Topic 2 you will be introduced to the concepts and principle of regulation and control of the body by the nervous system and the related systems in yoga.

      In Session 3 of Topic 2 you will be exploring the concept of circulation and breathing, and how this relates to the concept of yoga in terms of joining the body.

      There is a lot of material to look at in this Topic. Please don’t be daunted by it. It will be revised in the video lectures and other material during every subsequent week. You can keep coming back to this week’s notes as a resource. It is a good idea to revise it often. The easiest way to revise is to view the video lectures. The easiest way to apply the knowledge is to practice from the many practical classes we have made for you.

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      Is this the way it should work?

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