Topic Seven

    • 03/10/2019 at 6:33 pm #47331
      Amelia Disspain

      Explain the main anatomical and physiological purpose one of the three sequences (the Pascima purva vinyasa, the Janu sirsa vinyasa and the Maricya vinyasa) presented in this week’s lectures.

      Discuss your impressions of the physical practice videos for this week’s topic. If you can it is great if you can actually practice with the video class but if you cannot practice for some reason then at least comment on what you observed upon viewing the video.

    • 19/02/2020 at 12:12 am #49762
      Irene Malamas

      A common modification made in paschimottanansana, is to sit on the edge of a blanket to elevate the hips and create a slight anterior tilt to assist the forward bend and prevent rounding in the lower back – the cue I have often heard and used is to “hinge from the hips”. I have understood this to be because in our natural structure the pelvis does tilt forward slightly. In this lecture, the instruction is to keep the tops of the hips back and bend from the naval which seems to me would result in rounding of the lower back. Perhaps I’ve got it all wrong.

      Could someone please clarify and is it wrong to suggest sitting on something to elevate the hips and keep a slight forward tilt in the hips?

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