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25 Min Ether Sequence with Bianca

Full Introductory Air Sequence (27 mins)

This is a comprehensive and detailed verbally instructed version of the Introductory sequence of the Yoga Synergy Air Sequence.

You can see both Simon and Jennifer demonstrating different versions of the sequence.

In the first 20 minutes you are guided though the first three parts of the introductory postures and movements.

These are:

1. Nerve tensioning sequence
2. Spinal Movements sequence
3. One legged spinal sequence

The first two of these practices are accessible for most people. The one legged sequence is slightly more challenging.

In the last ten minutes of the practice you have the option to be guided though the last two parts of the introduction. These two parts are not suitable for everyone and so are optional here.

These are:

4. Salute to the moon
5. Salute to the sun

The last two parts (4 & 5) include a standing lunge and deep lunge, taking some weight on the wrists and also lying prone, all of which are optional.

Please approach this practice in a gentle loving manner and do not force anything. Move slowly into postures, and only go as far as you can before you feel a stretch.

The full Advanced Standing Sequence Verbally Instructed (107 min) is available among many other practices on our Online Yoga Class platform.

Enjoy and Namaste

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namaste Bianca & Simon

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After moving to Melbourne over 8 years ago I have struggled to find a yoga practice here that lives up to my high standards after practising at Yoga Synergy. I was always a fan of Bianca’s classes. One of the positives for me to come out of this awful pandemic is that I get to practice in (almost) real time… continue reading continue reading