Welcome to Week 2

Boost your Energy

Join Simon as he guides you through effective techniques to improve your circulation

3. Improve your Circulation with optimal Posture and Active Movements

In this video Simon explains how the stretch reflex impedes blood flow, and how active movements help the postural pump move the blood through the body.

4. Improve your Circulation with Bandhas and Circular movements

In this video Simon explains how to create co-activation of opposing muscles around each of the nine main joint complexes in the body to enhance blood flow and create joint stability. This gives the key to the secret of bandha.


  • Improve your Circulation using External Pressure
  • Improve your Circulation using Heat and CO2


  • Balance your Practice both Energetically and Physically
  • Improve your Circulation using Gravity, Muscles and Breath

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Information About Yoga Synergy Online Courses

Yoga Synergy’s online courses are designed to cater to the global yoga community interested in the pursuit of knowledge.

Our three courses are a fantastic opportunity to learn from acclaimed experienced teachers and physiotherapists, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss.
If you’re interested in joining the Yoga Synergy teacher training, these courses are part of the training and if you’re already teaching, they can count towards Continuing Education Points (CEP) with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.
Read on to see which course suits you best and deepen your yoga practice and knowledge today.

Study your first course with us and get discounts on further courses. Our online courses are also part of Yoga Synergy Teacher Training

Advanced Yoga
Fundamentals: ‘Essentials for teaching Yoga’

Course One

Blending the science of physiotherapy and traditional yoga, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of yoga postures and pranayama which will deepen both your yoga practice and your teaching.
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Course Two

This is a ‘must do’ foundational course for anyone wanting to practice or teach safe and effective yoga. This course uniquely applies the knowledge of medical anatomy and physiology to the practice of yoga.

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Yoga Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing

Course Three

This thirteen week online course will ground you in the principles and practice of basic physical (physio) therapy and yoga therapy and how to prevent and approach many of the most common injuries.
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“I insist that all teachers at our studios have completed the Yoga Synergy online courses and actively encourage anyone with a strong interest in Yoga to take this course”David Cunningham, The Yoga Shala, Ocean Fitness, Galway Ireland
Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Synergy
Goa, India
Level 1 (200 hr) Yoga Teacher Training
Level 2 (300 hr) Yoga Teacher Training

Learn to teach Yoga Synergy style in beautiful Goa, India. Our teacher training centre in Anjuna, Goa is surrounded by lush gardens and situated within a peaceful coconut grove surrounded by endless paddy fields, with a gorgeous swimming pool and just 5 min taxi or 30 min walk to the nearest beach. Stay in spacious tented eco-chic lodges and fuel your studies with delightful gourmet vegetarian Indian food with a twist, inspired by ancient vedic principles and modern permaculture ideas.

November 2016 Goa Course InformationMarch 2017 Level 2 Goa Course Information

Yoga Teacher Training by Yoga Synergy
Sydney & Byron Bay, Australia
Level 1 (200 hr) Yoga Teacher Training

This Yoga Synergy Teacher Training course in Sydney Australia is designed to be a flexible, modular training that you may start in May, August or October 2016 and complete Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga Course and Yoga Therapy Course in 2016 or 2017.

2016 Sydney Course Information