Our Online Courses are co-written by physiotherapists and yoga teachers, Simon Borg Olivier (MSc BAppSc Physiotherapy) and Bianca Machliss (BSc BAppSc Physiotherapy) of Yoga Synergy in Sydney, Australia. Study Yoga Synergy’s comprehensive yoga method online anytime from anywhere. Deepen your Yoga practice or learn to be a better Yoga teacher.

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  • Ashtanga Vinyasa

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  • online yoga teacher training

    Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga

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  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga Online Course

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  • Yoga Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing

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  • Asana Biomechanics 84 Postures

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  • Breathe – Introduction to Breath Control Pranayama Online Course

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  • Boost your Energy: 12 ways to move energy through your body

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  • Spinal Synergy: Dynamic meditation, Fluid movement

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