Awaken to Delight with Clive Sheridan 15 – 16 May 2021

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Yoga Synergy is hosting Clive Sheridan over at our Newtown location on Saturday 15 May & Sunday 16 May 2021.

It’ll be the perfect time to recharge the batteries and be lovingly challenged to look more deeply into matters of the heart and mind.

Spaces are limited to 45 people only, bookings only available for whole weekend due to limitations with numbers. The first 45 who book will be given priority.

Clive’s experience of Yoga spans a lifetime’s quest to “return to the essence of our true nature”.

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We hope you can join us!!

Clive uses Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Self Enquiry as “tools for spiritual transformation” – a balance of Asana, suitable for all levels and essential classical Pranayamas is shared in a very clear and accessible way.

During these covid times, we are very fortunate to explore a practice that energises and centres us, on both physical and mental levels.

Clive has been sharing his powerful ‘cocktail’ of Yoga sadhana for many years now. His focus is always on the breath, both during each energising asana practice, as well as in the profound pranayama sessions that he guides us through on each workshop day.

He uses asana and pranayama as “tools for transformation”, since they stir deep within our core, awakening physical & mental vitality whilst bringing a fine-tuned focus to the mind. Simultaneously a diversity of memories and unresolved emotions accumulated through our life are gradually stirred up to the surface of our awareness.

During the Satsang talks, Clive introduces us to a direct process of self inquiry whereby we are able to acknowledge and eventually heal all past pain and sadness. If we then open our hearts to the preciousness of Mother Nature as our divine source, and of which we are an integral part, a profound transformation may arise.

According to Eastern thought our true nature is one of deepest joy for no reason. And this sense of wholeness eventually arises within our heart-space, and sparks a wonderful spaciousness which pervades each day with delight.
Clive maintains this direct awakening to be the fulfilment of our life …

The workshop sessions are suitable for all levels of Yoga friends …

0800-1000 ~ Meditation & Pranayama
1000-1130. ~ Asana


1300-1430 ~ Satsang- questions
1430-1515 ~ Asana
1515-1600. ~ Pranayama


The workshop will be at Yoga Synergy Newtown: 196 Australia St.

Workshop Sessions

  • Day 1: Saturday 15 May (8 – 11.30 am & 1 – 4 pm)
  • Day 2: Sunday 16 May (8 – 11.30 am & 1 – 4 pm)