Milos Kascak

Justine Lange

I want to thank you very very much for the AYF Course! This was definitely one the best projects I have ever undertaken! The Advanced Yoga Fundamentals Course together with your Applied Anatomy book provide everyone with the basic applied knowledge of how to use own body in the proper way. Especially thanks to your yoga I managed to get …

Marc C.

Bianca Machliss

“Truly enjoyed the workshop Simon took us on an intimate journey re-connecting with our spine through movement” Synergy Fundamentals Principles and Standing Sequence Workshop with Simon Borg-Olivier

Kylie Thayer

Bianca Machliss

I’ve loved every bit of the course and feel very blessed to have learnt from such amazing teachers. Bianca & Simon gave so much encouragement at all stages. I also very much appreciate all the hard work to make online training possible in these crazy times. Online Teacher Training Info here.

Tian Sheng

Bianca Machliss

My yoga practice will never be the same again – in a good way! I have learnt so much, and am truly grateful for this teacher training because it gave me the tools to not only be able to safely teach others but to improve my own practice. I find the synergy style very intelligent, and not just based on …

Safaa Sarieddine

Bianca Machliss

In the beginning I should thank Simon and Yoga Synergy team for launching this glorious course in perfect timing with Coronavirus Crisis and thanking Bianca for her precious advice and recommendations. This is my third course with Yoga Synergy, as always it was a magnificent surprise, it reinforced and deepened all the knowledge from last courses beside add jubilant flavor …

Jenny M

Bianca Machliss

Its been many years since I practiced with Bianca & Simon in person but I always think of the things I learnt from Yoga Synergy when practicing in different environments. I’ve recently purchased the ether video – and am finding it immensely satisfying to re-engage with the Synergy style of practice during lockdown. I’m very grateful for the  the years …

Megan Grant

Bianca Machliss

I loved the course. Thank you both. It was very thorough and educational without losing the essence of Yoga. I’m trying to get Fitness Australia to recognise your course for CEC’s as I teach in a Gym. I have had same and new participants for years and they love the style of Synergy Yoga. Thank you again. Namaste

Natacha Martins

Bianca Machliss

Many thanks for everything. This course was really a wish come true! What you do, and how you teach is so flawless that sometimes we can actually believe it’s easy!!! This course is not just “an online” course, but a really in depth one! Hope soon we can all do a “live” one. Learned a lot, felt very supported and …

Katherine Peverelle

Bianca Machliss

I completed the 2020-2021 online teacher training course. The entire course took me an entire year to complete. The online courses (yoga fundamentals, yoga anatomy and asana) are worthwhile studying together as they compliment each other well. The material provided is thorough and in depth, and the video presentations are interesting and simple to follow. I think my favorite part …

Tite Togni

Bianca Machliss

The course is unique in bringing the 2 hatha concepts of ‘ hard’: the ancient traditional yoga philosophy of mind body energy flowing and the modern idea of ‘no pain no gain’ . The clear progressive practices in the course allows anybody interested in fitness, health and mindfulness to access the traditional vinyasa sequences by giving back the traditional ‘ …