Milos Kascak

Jisteenyoga Lange

I want to thank you very very much for the AYF Course! This was definitely one the best projects I have ever undertaken! The Advanced Yoga Fundamentals Course together with your Applied Anatomy book provide everyone with the basic applied knowledge of how to use own body in the proper way. Especially thanks to your yoga I managed to get …

Megan Grant

Bianca Machliss

I loved the course. Thank you both. It was very thorough and educational without losing the essence of Yoga. I’m trying to get Fitness Australia to recognise your course for CEC’s as I teach in a Gym. I have had same and new participants for years and they love the style of Synergy Yoga. Thank you again. Namaste

Safaa Serieddine

Bianca Machliss

I am really happy and content with taking this course, as it is build on scientific understanding for the body and how it works, and appreciate the full guides and explanation from Simon and Bianca through the lectures. I found the Lectures and Practice videos, beside the downloadable material are one whole unite to understand the course, can’t relay on …

Judy Qin

Bianca Machliss

I just went through all the yoga fundamentals classes. Your course is so brilliant and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from you.

Aniko Kiss

Bianca Machliss

I just finished an online course with you. Your course were more than just a plus knowledge to me: I started it when I did the chemotheraphy, followed by the radiotheraphy and so on. It helped me to get back to the life, to find the most important things, to love the life deeper than ever. I can not say …

Javi Pardo

Bianca Machliss

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and teaching the past 10 but discovering Simon and Bianca style it’s been really refreshing and inspiring. I m really connected now with the synergy method, in my practice and also in my teachings, and I would love to go deepest in this journey. Thank you very much for all the work you re …

Patricia Smith

Bianca Machliss

I’m, as always, so impressed with Simon’s and Bianca’s knowledge. But not only that, also the way it is structured and presented to the students. Real learning is happening, fantastic structure to the course, even after being a Yoga teacher since a few years I have learnt so much. I call it safe and intelligent Yoga for the modern body. …

Jo Curtis

Bianca Machliss

Thorough and interesting. I enjoyed the lectures very much and will take a lot of the information into my practice and classes. Thank you very much YogaSynergy!!

Beverley Kampel

Bianca Machliss

I got so much out of doing this course. Simon goes into so much detail and his explanations are consistent and logical throughout the course. As I progressed I found a deeper level of understanding with each of the asanas. Simon is extremely thorough and there was always an emphasis practicing safely. I think it is well worth doing for …

Anine Shama

Bianca Machliss

I learned so much during the yoga fundamental course. It opened up new ways of thinking, practising and understanding of yoga. It was super!