Shona B.

Justine Lange

I got a great deal out of the course. It’s a funny thing because Simon starts and ends the course saying ‘breathe less, bend less, move slower’ and then in between there’s these incredible 12 topics packed with SO MUCH knowledge and experience. A great deal of what he demonstrates is well beyond my current physical capacity, so the wisdom …

david cunningham

David Cunningham

Justine Lange

I’ve been studying with Simon & Bianca in person and online since 2011. I have done all their online courses and participated in many of their workshops. Before that, I’d been trained as an Ashtanga teacher and suffered several self inflicted injuries. It was only when Yoga Synergies teachings started to sink in that I realized how little I know …

Maddi Lock

Justine Lange

I loved the Anatomy and Physiology online course. My own asana practice improved as each module was completed. I learnt the interaction of the muscle groups, the breathing techniques along with modifications for students with physical concerns for the main asanas. Simon personally answered my questions and provide deeper insight to the course assessment questions via phone calls. Having easy …

Melanie Gallagher BSc(Physiotherapy) Physiotherapist

Justine Lange

I would recommend Simon’s course on the Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga to anyone who is serious about their yoga practice. If you want to really understand what is happening in your body from an anatomical and physiological perspective when you are practicing yoga, then this course is vital. I’ve been going to Simon’s classes for over 5 years …


Steven Harris

Justine Lange

Simon’s Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga course is an invaluable course for anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the body. It is practical and interactive, highly informative and a lot of fun. Simon is clear in his teaching, passionate, holds your attention and presents the content in an easy to understand manner. The Science of Yoga …

Louise Carter, Online Anatomy & Physiology Course

Justine Lange

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the High Distinction! And thanks for the AAP course. Comparatively new to Yoga I completed the ‘Fundamentals’ course last year and felt that AAP was a natural progression. I really loved the course which I thought was a perfect balance between anatomical and physiological detail and application to Yoga. I appreciated the course structure, particularly the …