Mike Tetelman

Justine Lange

A wonderful course. I learned a lot of important insights about breathing, moving from one’s core, blood circulation, optimal pacing for exercise, staying firm and yet relaxed in poses and exercise, alignment and movement of muscles and joints, and more. All explained in a clear, concise, engaging way. Thank you!

Jennifer Young

Bianca Machliss

Thank you for the thorough teachings on physiology and blood flow. Even with 16 years experience in fitness and yoga, I learned so much. Namaste!

John Isaacs

Bianca Machliss

It was very informative and enlightening.

Alicia Castleman

Bianca Machliss

The content was very similar to the Yoga essentials RMIT course but a great reminder.

Moritz Thilo

Bianca Machliss

The information was interesting,