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1 minute Spinal Sequence from Simon Borg-Olivier

Here is the 1 minute, visually instructed practice video, showing simple fluid spinal movements. The practice can be done anywhere without the need for a mat or any props. This is a safe, accessible and effective practice that is suitable for most people of all ages. Only move as far you can without any sense of discomfort or pain.

To view in full screen, press play and click the link in the bottom right corner of the video player.

Make sure that:

  • even though are lengthening your fingers, they should be able to comfortably move
  • even though you are moving the shoulders away from each other and mostly away from the core (your lower back and navel centre), your neck always feels relaxed and can easily move
  • even though your spine is lengthened (especially in the lower back) you can always breathe naturally into your abdomen.

There are four main principles:

1. Move actively
2. Move from your core
3. Breathe naturally
4. Move fluidly

Your aim should be to lengthen and relax while moving smoothly. Generally always lengthen around your lower back and abdomen before moving anything else. Try to move your spine one vertebra at a time.

This practice when done according to your level can really help
relieve most peoples back pain
improve internal organ health
improve energy levels, and
help develop core strength

It may help you to watch the video once or twice before attempting it. You may also slow down if you wish and/or pause to see the individual postures, which can be held for as long as you feel comfortable if you wish or moved smoothly through as I demonstrate in the video.


Spinal Movements Video

You can get a much more comprehensive version of this spinal movements sequence in our Spinal Movements Video available in the shop.