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Yoga for home practice

Deepen your yoga practice with a regular routine at home. The Yoga Synergy videos are ideal for people on the move, or for those who can’t make it to regular classes. You may also choose to enhance your at-home practice with an online course. View all

Yoga Basics with Bianca Machliss

Presented by Yoga Synergy Director, Bianca Machliss this set of videos is the perfect introduction to your Yoga journey.

  • What does this mean when the teacher says “activate your arms”?
  • Where should my feet be placed in standing poses?
  • How do I safely do the push up and the upward facing dog!

Bianca covers many of the basic instructions you’ll hear in a Yoga Synergy style class, what they mean and how to approach the asanas (postures) safely as a beginner. View here

Yoga with Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon Borg-Olivier presents a series of lectures and a unique practice blending the Yoga Synergy method with qi-gong, an ancient Chinese exercise that uses movement with breath to manipulate energy flow in the body. View all

Yoga for teachers and teachers in training

Learn how to be your own best teacher so you can better teach others safely, effectively and successfully. View all