A Yoga Synergy Online Course for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Therapy:

Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing

make the yoga you teach safer and more effective
Deepen your knowledge of how to manage injuries and health conditions
increase your student retention rate
Study over 13 or 26 weeks
Gain 60 CEP Points


  • 90 Video lectures covering all aspects of Yoga Therapy
  • Expert instruction from qualified physiotherapists and experienced yoga teachers
  • ’Must do’ course for anyone who wants to practice or teach safe and effective yoga.
  • 60 Continuing Education Points (CEP) credited with Yoga Australia

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Is this Course for You?

  • Would you like to learn how to use yoga to assist in healing ailments and managing conditions?
  • Are you interested in how traditional yoga, modern exercise and physiotherapy can be brought together?
  • Are you experiencing persistent problems and not finding ways to alleviate them?
  • Would you like to learn more about how your body works?
  • Do you have chronic pain?
“It was only when Simon’s teachings started to sink in that I realised how little I knew about the human body, and that yoga can make conditions worse if you apply it unintelligently.”David Cunningham (The Yoga Shala, Ocean Fitness, Galway Ireland)

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28 mins – Exercises for lower back pain


Yoga Synergy Bianca Machliss Simon Borg-Olivier

About Us

Hi I’m Simon Borg Olivier and this is Bianca Machliss, Co-directors of Yoga Synergy and Yoga teachers for over 30 years.
I’ve been treating people’s injuries and conditions as a registered physiotherapist for 30 years and practicing yoga for 45 years.

I have the experience and know-how to bring modern physiotherapy and traditional yoga together to help you with the conditions that have continued to plague you.

And I can also teach you how to help your clients and students with their conditions.

Myself and Bianca Machliss have developed this unique course. After an introduction to the principles of diagnosis and therapy, you will be expertly guided through simple approaches and therapeutic sequences of posture, movement and breathing that can help to improve physical problems and energetic conditions of the body.

Throughout the course you will also see me assess and treat many real life cases with yoga therapy.

Bianca and I are both qualified, exercise-based physio (physical) therapists who are also experienced and advanced yoga practitioners and teachers.

Hope you enjoy the course!


Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc(Physiotherapy)APAM and
Bianca Machliss BScBAppSc(Physiotherapy)

Become a more knowledgeable practitioner and teacher
who can help themselves and other people heal

About the course

Over 12 weeks of Video Lectures, you will learn to make the yoga you teach safer and more effective.

Many people practice exercises way beyond their understanding and physical capability, which is why it is so easy to get injured.

If you’re a yoga teacher and would like to deal with your students’ ailments and conditions safely and effectively, first you have to understand the anatomy and physiology of your own body.

Once you have understood how to manage your own ailments and injuries, it’s then much easier to start giving advice to other people.


Is your program accredited with IAYT or comparable?

This course alone does not qualify you to be a Yoga Therapist but does give you continuing education points. The course is a minimum 24 hours online and you will gain Continuing Education Points (CEP) credited with Yoga Alliance (24 CEP per course) Yoga Australia (12 CEP per course)



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Weekly Topics You Will Cover

WEEK 1: Introduction; and Principles of Therapy (1)

Video 1: Important Stages of Therapy – Overview
Video 2: Important Stages of Therapy – Pre-treatment assessment
Video 3: Important Stages of Therapy – Physical observation
Video 4: General principles of therapy
Video 5: Basic Anatomy
Video 6: Stretch and reciprocal reflex in practice
Video 7: Ten ways to enhance blood flow through the body
Video 8: Nerve-tensioning movements in practice
Video 9: Anatomy of the lower limb
Video 10: Four muscle states around a joint complex

WEEK 2: Musculoskeletal problems of the Upper Limbs, Upper Back and Neck

Video 11: Anatomy of the shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist and hand
Video 12: Yoga therapy for the shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist and neck 01
Video 13: Yoga therapy for the shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist and neck 02
Video 14: Yoga therapy for the shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist and neck 3.
Video 15: Exercises for the Shoulder, elbow, wrist & neck
Video 16: How to create shoulder stability

WEEK 3: Musculoskeletal problems of the Upper Limbs, Upper Back and Neck; & Introduction to the Lower Trunk and LImbs

Video 17: How to do push-ups safely and effectively
Video 18: How to train the joint complexes of the arm in different positions
Video 19: Exercises for Upper Back Pain
Video 20: Exercises for a torn rotator cuff
Video 21: Basic Anatomy of the lower limb 1.
Video 22: Basic Anatomy of the lower limb 2.
Video 23: General exercises for strength & flexibility around the hip, knee & ankle, and their effect on the lower back

WEEK 4: Musculoskeletal problems of the Lower Limbs Pelvic Girdle and Lower Back (1)

Video 24: Specific exercises for strength & flexibility around the hip, knee & ankle, and their effect on the lower back – ankle problems
Video 25: General exercises for knee problems
Video 26: A progression of exercises for knee problems
Video 27: Yoga Therapy for Hamstring Problems
Video 28: How to relieve and prevent lower back pain
Video 29: Exercises to lengthen the psoas muscle

The study of Yoga Therapy …

fosters a greater feeling of safety and personal attention in your classes

Over the last 30 years, students have shared with us many reasons why they chose not to return to Yoga after their first class experience. This course has been designed with that in mind.

You will learn how to help your students:

  • Feel safe in the class
  • Feel that their conditions are being considered and/or noticed
  • Approach the class so they don’t overdo it or feel too sore afterwards to return
  • Feel assured that you have a thorough understanding of their body and their personal limitations

What does this course aim to provide?

The intention of the course is to make yoga practitioners and teachers safer and more knowledgeable in relation to the human body however, at the completion of the course you are not qualified to practice as a “Yoga Therapist”.

We highly recommend that all yoga teachers and practitioners refer to qualified health and medical professionals for diagnosis of any conditions before applying any of the principles outlined in this course.

Yoga Synergy takes no responsibility for the individual’s interpretation of the material taught.


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Study over 13 weeks ( 3 months) or 26 weeks ( 6 months)


Why study with us?

Yoga Synergy offers the most comprehensive Yoga Education and Training in Australia. We provide the support and flexibility you need to learn.

Established in 1984, Yoga Synergy is one of Sydney’s largest and most respected yoga schools. We teach thousands of students in our local schools in Sydney , through our Teacher Trainings (Australia and India) and Online students from all over the world.
For more information about us please visit our About Us pages.


Not just in body and mind – study anywhere, anytime. All of our courses are accessible 24/7 on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.


Connect with other students and share your insights. We encourage students to engage with our vibrant community via our Facebook group.


Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss are experienced yoga practitioners and physiotherapists and have been training teachers for over 20 years.


We offer personalised support. Our excellent support team is here to help you get the most out of your studies. Contact us whenever you have a question.

  • Highly Qualified & Experienced teachers

    The course is explained simply and practically by experienced yoga teachers and physiotherapists, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss.

  • Certification

    Study at your own pace. Receive a certificate of successful completion

  • Earn CEP

    This course is a minimum 24 hours online and worth 24 Continuing Education Points (CEP) credited with Yoga Alliance, 12 CEP with Yoga Australia.

What others say

Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga

I loved the Anatomy and Physiology online course. My own asana practice improved as each module was completed. I learnt the interaction of the muscle groups, the breathing techniques along with modifications for students with physical concerns for the main asanas. Simon personally answered my questions and provide deeper insight to the course assessment questions via phone calls. Having easy… continue reading

I got a great deal out of the course. It’s a funny thing because Simon starts and ends the course saying ‘breathe less, bend less, move slower’ and then in between there’s these incredible 12 topics packed with SO MUCH knowledge and experience. A great deal of what he demonstrates is well beyond my current physical capacity, so the wisdom… continue reading continue reading

What Others are Saying

It is important to me to keep learning even after years of teaching Yoga. This course has stimulated by curiosity and helped me to be more useful to my students. Mr. Lange

I’ve been studying with Simon & Bianca in person and online since 2011. I have done all their online courses and participated in many of their workshops. Before that, I’d been trained as an Ashtanga teacher and suffered several self inflicted injuries. It was only when Yoga Synergies teachings started to sink in that I realized how little I know… continue reading

Good morning Simon and Bianca, I am currently up to week 7 in the online Yoga Therapy course. I feel so grateful to you both for offering me the opportunity to complete this learning. It has been direction changing for me. I am very new to being a yoga teacher and feel so fortunate to be being empowered with this… continue reading continue reading

Deep and thorough knowledge of all disciplines relevant to yoga, decades of practice at a very high level and an incredible generosity towards students of all levels. No calculation, political correctness or other superficiality here; this is the essence of yoga taught with joy and with an open heart. Highest respect and gratitude.

And here it is, I did it all. One more educational period with absolutely great, wise and awesome people Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier. I am so grateful that I decided to take all 3 of their online courses, I have learned so much. I guess next thing to do is doing it in person. So, hopefully, next stop Teacher… continue reading continue reading continue reading continue reading

How our Pricing Works

Basically we offer discounts to those who study a second and third course with us. All our courses can be done over 12 weeks (3 months) or 26 weeks (6 months) period, price adjusted accordingly. This is our recommended progression of study, but of course you can choose whatever order you like:

Course 1

Your first online course is full price 

We highly recommend you start with ‘Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for Teaching Yoga’


12 week (3 month) course $587
26 week (6 month) course $647


Course 2

25% off Your Second Course 

We recommend studying Applied Anatomy and Physiology (AP) of Yoga as your second course.


12 week (3 month) course approx. $440
26 week (6 month) course approx. $485

Course 3

$200 off Your Third Course 

Complete the trio with Yoga Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing.


12 week (3 month) course and 26 week (6 month) course both $387


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“I insist that all teachers at our studios have completed the Yoga Synergy online courses and actively encourage anyone with a strong interest in Yoga to take this course”David Cunningham, The Yoga Shala, Ocean Fitness, Galway Ireland

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More About the Teachers

  • Bianca Machliss BSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) is a co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy and has over 27 years experience teaching yoga, managing a studio and creating a community. She is a registered physiotherapist, research scientist and ACHPER graduate.
    Read more about Bianca
  • Simon Borg-Olivier MSc BAppSc (Physiotherapy) is a co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy. Simon has been teaching yoga since 1982. He is a registered physiotherapist, research scientist and a university lecturer. He teaches classes and workshops in Australia and around the world.
    Read more about Simon

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New to Yoga Synergy?

At Yoga Synergy, we welcome every body who wants to learn about the ancient art and practice of yoga, whether you’re a novice or have practiced yoga daily for years. It’s our aim to provide everyone who walks through our doors with an inspired space in which to practice and learn. The Yoga Synergy method is accessible for every body, to help enrich your life and meet the demands of the modern day in a more present, heart-centred and vibrant way.

Our experienced team of teachers will gently guide you through detailed instruction and adjustment based on a sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and traditional hatha yoga. (See About Yoga Synergy for more information about the Yoga Synergy method.)

Before long you will start to notice the benefits that a regular yoga practice can bring: deeper self-awareness, enhanced physical vitality, emotional stability and mental clarity, the fundamental aim of yoga to bring union to body, mind and spirit.

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Yoga Teachers Training Courses

Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss have been training teachers for over 20 years. Join their Yoga Teacher Training for an in-depth, practical training in the Yoga Synergy method, which integrates traditional yoga for the modern body. The Yoga Synergy method can be applied to all styles of yoga. Our Yoga Teacher Training courses offer in-depth training in Techniques of Yoga, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy and Physiology, Philosophy, Ethics, & Lifestyle, Group Practicum and Presentation Skills. Courses are currently offered in Sydney & Byron Bay, Australia and Goa, India.

Thank You and Namaste
Simon and Bianca