Welcome to the Yoga Synergy Affiliate Program

Earn money by joining our affiliate program and promote our online courses and products. If you’ve done our online courses and have the ability to promote them via your website or email newsletter then this is the perfect way for you to earn passive income. For each person that comes through to our website via your promotion (even a simple link on your website or newsletter), and makes a purchase from us, you will get a minimum of 15% commission.

Simply fill in the affiliate registration form below and we will be in touch with you. You will then be supplied with a simple link that you can paste into your website/newsletter and then whenever anyone visits our website via that link and makes a purchase you will be credited with that sale and paid accordingly. There is no charge to become an affiliate with us and no obligation to sell anything. The more sales that have been referred by the link on your website or email the more you earn and the more you can help to spread this information on how to make yoga safer and more effective.

If you already have an account with the Yoga Synergy ( you may have purchased something from our shop) please first log in with those details to then join our affiliate program. If you do not have an online shop account please use the form below to sign up to Yoga Synergy and become and affiliate.