Established in 1984 by experienced yoga practitioners and physiotherapists, Bianca Machliss & Simon Borg-Olivier, Yoga Synergy is one of Sydney’s oldest and most respected yoga schools. The "Synergy Method" was developed to teach the ancient art of yoga in a safe, fun and intelligent way. It is a unique style formulated over 20 years, based on a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, modern medical science and traditional Hatha yoga. We offer Teacher Training, Online courses for all levels of yoga student, Online yoga videos and Live classes in Sydney, Australia. Read More

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Our four Essential courses are developed by us(both Physiotherapists). Comprehensive & foundational. Gain CEP.

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Shona B.

I got a great deal out of the course. It's a funny thing because Simon starts and ends the course saying 'breathe less, bend less, move slower' and then in between there's these incredible 12 topics packed with SO MUCH knowledge and experience. A great deal of what he demonstrates is well beyond my current physical capacity, so the wisdom for me was not in trying to copy what he was doing, but in finding my own body's version of what he was explaining or demonstrating. It's so easy to go too far. In terms of time, it took me much more than 120 hours. Having said that, I watched each lecture numerous times and deliberately took my time so that I could steadily apply my learning to my practice over time. Probably the key learning for me was developing an anatomical and physiological perspective for what I was already experiencing intuitively in my body. I think this broadens my base for understanding other peoples' bodies better.  And of course, it deepens my awareness of my own practice. I also noticed that with so much new information going through my brain, I was getting a bit cerebral about my practice. For example, I would be thinking about the protraction/depression/rotation of my shoulders rather than just feeling them and my breath and working from there. I guess this is part of the ongoing challenge with my practice - to embrace new knowledge but to always let my practice grow from within. In summary, I would absolutely recommend the course. And I have, to those who have asked me about it. I very much enjoyed Bianca's involvement. Since I have this opportunity, I want to say how much I enjoyed your lecture on the female reproductive system. You bring a different energy and with all respect to Simon (who did an incredible job), I think the course as a whole could be strengthened with more of you on screen. So thank you very much to you all. The course interface was user-friendly and the content itself was a beautiful and deepening complement to the current yoga apprenticeship I am undertaking. With gratitude.