Online Yoga Anytime with Bianca and /or Simon

Bianca and Simon filmed these during COVID from their homes, to keep the community practicing. They were so popular we have kept them going as a product. These online classes are a great way to practice if you do not have access to classes, for a very cheap price. Convenient, fun, safe practice right on your doorstep or take with you when you travel. Bianca has many practices that are 30 - 45 minutes, Simon's tend to be longer.

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 Online Yoga class with Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier. Join these highly experienced Yoga teachers and fully qualified Physiotherapists for yoga that is based on a deep and sound knowledge of anatomy and physiology, modern medical science and traditional Hatha yoga.

To keep you moving and connected with your practice, Bianca and Simon have filmed classes from their homes for you to follow. Jump into a sequence today.

You can either access weekly ($15 per week) or monthly ($30 per month).

ACCESS  ALL CLASSES  as many times as you like. This is a subscription product.

Choose from over 70 videos  recorded by Bianca and Simon with more being added regularly.

PLUS How To... Videos

Included in the subscription product, Bianca continues to film a series of How To videos so you can brush up on specific techniques.

  • How to do Trikonasana
  • How to do a Headstand
  • How to do Parivrtta Parsvakonasana and more!

Elements Sequences Online

Yoga Synergy’s Elements Sequences with Bianca Machliss are recorded classes of the progressive 8 week sequence as it would be taught in live classes. Build your practice towards the ultimate last class, a flow through class to music with no instructions.

Available now, Unlimited access to streaming files for the FIRE SEQUENCE  and AIR SEQUENCE with Bianca.

(Please note these videos are included in the full subscription product)

The AIR sequence

Air is the fourth of the 5 sequences, designed to lighten the body and spirit as we move out of the winter and into the spring. In Ayurvedic terms, Air (Vaayu ), the wind, is “backdrop” of our environment (the surroundings that we may not always notice).

Air is the second lightest element next to ether, in that we can perceive it both visually, and tactilely (in tree branches moving in the wind or in the feel of it on our skin).

The intention with which we practice this sequence is to move the stale energy of winter, and bring a lightness to the being, increasing mobility and movement through all our systems. Join Bianca today.

The FIRE sequence

Fire is the third of the 5 sequences, designed to be a heating dynamic energizing practice during the cold winter months. Fire is the transformative element. It is form without substance, and the engine of all processes. According to Ayurveda, the location of Fire in the body is the small intestine.

Within our bodies, the fire or energy binds the atoms together. Fire transforms food into energy. It creates the impulses of nervous reactions, our feelings, and even our thought processes.

The intention with which we practice this sequence is to generate the internal fire, to boost immunity and maintain vitality through the coolness of winter. Join Bianca today.