3 Minute Sequence from Simon Borg-Oliver – Feel Really Good!

This is a 3 minute sequence of posture, movement and breathing that is safe, accessible and effective for most normal adults living in the modern world. It can make you feel really good!

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All the movements are active and each movement begins at the core (the seat of the enteric nervous system just in front of the L5-S1 vertebral junction) and radiates fluidly outwards to the rest of the body. This practice It can be very effective in reducing many incidences of back, neck and shoulder pain (subject to no pain being increased as you move into the first stage of each posture or movement shown here).

This practice can also help to enhance your energy levels, as well as the health of your internal organs. This practice is designed to help improve the health of your digestive system, immune system and the reproductive system in a way that can help to improve your sense of well-being and your longevity. To make this make happen however it is important to stay relaxed during the practice and avoid over-tensing muscles, over-stretching tissues, over-breathing and over thinking. This is easiest if you simply move actively from the core with an emphasis on natural breathing (diaphragmatic inhalation and passive exhalation) and flow.

To follow the practice with this video please note that it is mainly visually instructed and you need to keep your eyes looking straight at the screen to follow. Hence you also need to adjust your neck to be comfortable in each posture, with your throat forward and head up (when bending forwards), or head down and neck back (when bending backwards), and raise the right side of the head with the chin in and neck back when looking over the right shoulder.

Watch the fuller 20 minute version of this sequence with more instructions

This practice is part of the introduction to the comprehensive Yoga Synergy Fundamentals Sequence designed by physiotherapist directors of Yoga Synergy Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss. It was filmed in August 2017, in Sydney at the Yoga Synergy Course entitled Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing.

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