Breathe – Introduction to Breath Control Pranayama Online Course


Experience improved energy, health and longevity with ‘breath-control’ exercises, known in yoga as pranayama.

Simon Borg-Olivier teaches participants a technique that can increase oxygen uptake directly to the cells, to increase overall energy levels and improve mental clarity. The simple practice is accessible to everyone. You will learn how to reduce your appetite for heavy, processed and acidic foods, calm your nervous system and reduce stress.

Anyone can benefit from the course – yoga teachers and students, fitness leaders, personal trainers, physiotherapists and other exercise-based therapists, health practitioners – essentially, anyone who has an interest in improving their (and others) health and wellbeing. Breathe your way to great health!

Includes 6 months access to the online course, written material plus downloadable video lectures to keep forever.

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Simon gives participants practical knowledge of the applied anatomy and physiology of India’s hatha yoga, as well as China’s Taoist yoga. The course aims to explain traditional Asian concepts of anatomy and physiology, which are integral to the study and practice of all types of yoga. You will learn how to use various techniques of yoga safely and effectively to promote health and longevity, help treat musculoskeletal problems and medical conditions, and improve your outlook to life.

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Yoga teacher and physiotherapist, Simon Borg-Olivier presents detailed instruction based on over 30 years of anatomy and physiology study and yoga practice.

About the Teacher

  • Simon Borg-Olivier is a co-founder of Yoga Synergy and has been teaching yoga since 1982. He is a registered physiotherapist, research scientist and a university lecturer. He teaches classes and workshops in Australia and around the world.
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