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At Yoga Synergy, we’ll help to develop your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and resilience to stress. Each practice you do will promote good internal health, physical grace, positive energy and peace of mind. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our current students say about us. We have limited this page to jut a few, please refresh the page to read more testimonials.

Our Online Courses

Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga

Erin Armendariz

Yoga Synergy’s Advanced Yoga Fundamentals effectively presents the who, what, where, when, why and how of Yoga. Through reading the course material, participating in the lectures, and putting it all into practice I have learned: WHO can safely perform a pose (with modifications, precautions, and contraindications) WHAT each pose entails including internal actions usually undetected visually WHERE to focus activity in the body to reach the desired outcome of the pose WHEN a pose is best performed in the sequence/when the body is ready for more challenge WHY the pose affects movement of energy and information in the body’s deep pathways HOW the body can achieve the greatest benefit from each pose through tips and mindsets Advanced Yoga Fundamentals empowered me to experience the life-giving results physical yoga offers, including energy and wellness from various forms of physical movement. My body benefited from the course and is better prepared to share what I received.

Saeko Ginestet

Simon and Bianca, Thank you so very much for your quality program. I feel like I know you since I saw you everyday for the last 7 weeks! I would say that going through the entire course was not easy by any means. You made me reexamine what I thought I knew all over again. Your lectures were clear, kind, and helpful. I so trust your expertise, experiences, and heart-felt devotion to the Way of Yoga. I will definitely return and take more of your fascinating classes you are offering.

Yoga Therapy


Good morning Simon and Bianca, I am currently up to week 7 in the online Yoga Therapy course. I feel so grateful to you both for offering me the opportunity to complete this learning. It has been direction changing for me. I am very new to being a yoga teacher and feel so fortunate to be being empowered with this knowledge at such an earlier stage of my Yoga journey. After attending many Yoga classes and feeling confused and often concerned about  poses being offered ( especially in beginners classes ), its similar to a door being opened and finding a whole new wing of a building to explore. The course make so much sense to me, connects with what I feel instinctively, is engaging and has given me so much more in depth knowledge and confidence. Being able to complete online is great for me to fit in with a full family life but I still feel so connected. I love Simons teaching style. Its expert, heart felt, gentle and generous and I often am at the computer having light bulb moments and/or shaking with laughter. I love sitting at the dinner table, sharing what I have learned that day with my family starting with " Simon says" Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. Sending you many warm wishes

Diana Figueira

I am really enjoying this and study for the first time with Simon and Bianca hope to do more courses online and after pandemic meet them in person!

Alina Cvetkova

I loved this course. I gained so much knowledge about treating people coming to yoga with injuries, and at the same time got a lot of tips on better posture alignment, breathing, movement. Simon Borg is a natural-born teacher, who can explain anything in an accessible way.

David Cunningham

I’ve been studying with Simon & Bianca in person and online since 2011. I have done all their online courses and participated in many of their workshops. Before that, I’d been trained as an Ashtanga teacher and suffered several self inflicted injuries. It was only when Yoga Synergies teachings started to sink in that I realized how little I know about the human body, and that yoga can make conditions worse if you apply it unintelligently. Simon is a biologist, physiotherapist and yoga teacher and his knowledge about the human anatomy and physiology, and his insight about how traditional yoga and modern western physiotherapy can be brought together is so unique and profound that I have retrained with him as a Yoga Synergy teacher and I also taught 25 Yoga teachers how to teach with respect and understanding of the Yoga Synergy style. This Yoga Therapy course is one of the most helpful courses I have ever done in Yoga and it informed not only myself but also my students and teacher trainees to a level where I am confident that our teachings will be safe effective and importantly promote a confidence in both the teachers and the students to promote health in addition to managing pain and conditions that present in class. I insist that all teachers at our studios have completed the Yoga Synergy online courses and actively encourage anyone with a strong interest in Yoga to take this course.

Testimonial Breathe

Anh Nguyet Le

thanks for detailed course with clear instruction, and the videos are also very clear.

Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga

Sabina P.

Was a total pleasure to do this course. I bought all the videos and each time I see them I find something new.

Simon M.

I love your work and I feel this course changed my way of looking at the world, hence, the world in my eyes!

Asana 84 Postures


This ’84 Postures Course’ is essential for everyone who wants to gain insight into the gist of the most common yoga postures. I started my yoga studies with Ashtanga Yoga ten years ago, and kept on practicing for years without any anatomical knowledge. I ended up with a bulging vertebra and with chronic pain in my lower back. But since I came across the teachings of Simon Borg-Olivier and have done all three of his online courses – including ’84 Postures’ – I have had a sort of epiphany and finally I have much more sense and discernment about my body. Plus ’84 Postures’ not only enhances your knowledge about the most frequently taught asanas, but also helps you how to teach other people safely and effectively.

Anastasiia Kostina

This course is totally amazing! Simon have shared a lot of invaluable information regarding to the scope of this course. All lectures are done in professional, structured and convincing form. My expectations about this course are even exceeded! Final demonstration of an asanas in yoga Synergy style reaffirms my belief that Simon is a great Yoga teacher and practitioner.

Colin Bond

I found them useful in the way I’ve studied Ashtanga with such a rigid methodology, your posture has enabled me to relax more, they have open my hip flexors, and it’s given me more tools on how to approach posture

Beverley Kempel

I got so much out of doing this course. Simon goes into so much detail and his explanations are consistent and logical throughout the course. As I progressed I found a deeper level of understanding with each of the asanas.Simon is extremely thorough and there was always an emphasis practicing safely.I think it is well worth doing for practitioners at all levels. I also think there would be a benefit in re-visiting the course in time as a refresher.The other benefit for me was an understanding now of how many of these cues are applied in the general Yoga Synergy classes.

Pin Lun – Guo

I am very grateful to Simon Borg-Olivier for his teaching. This course has benefited me a lot. It has deepened my use of anatomy, BANDHA and movements, and allowed me to practice in a safer and more efficient way.

Boost your Energy Testimonials

Jennifer Young

Thank you for the thorough teachings on physiology and blood flow. Even with 16 years experience in fitness and yoga, I learned so much. Namaste!

Alicia Castleman

The content was very similar to the Yoga essentials RMIT course but a great reminder.

What Others Say

Tony L.

I have practised yoga throughout Sydney, China and Bali in the last three years but I always return to Yoga Synergy. The flow classes are designed to develop the mental calmness and physical flexibility my body needs.

Yoga Videos

Jenny M

Its been many years since I practiced with Bianca & Simon in person but I always think of the things I learnt from Yoga Synergy when practicing in different environments. I’ve recently purchased the ether video - and am finding it immensely satisfying to re-engage with the Synergy style of practice during lockdown. I’m very grateful for the  the years I spent at Newtown studio which laid a very strong foundation for my physical life.

Jenny (Sydney Newtown student)

Teacher Training

Simila Laiatici

It is a very complete course with enough material to learn and explore over a few years. One year is just the beginning of understanding. I was already yoga teacher 500 hr but I decided to do YSTT because of the Physiotherapist view, the physio-movement, the modern way to see yoga and the experience level of the teachers. I have personally met Simon once, and I follow almost every Bianca and Simon zoom. Miss that! Both very professional and also very kind yogis in the deep. I found much more than what I was expecting. Thanks

Sheila Annis

Studying yoga with Bianca and Simon is such an enriching experience. Their vast knowledge is woven with generous loving kindness, so one feels held in a web of support to move forward with teaching and self practice.

Tite Togni

As a professional athlete and yoga practitioner for more than 30 years, I've experienced how yoga can enhance an athlete’s life, but I struggled to find yoga practices that would boost my energy instead of depleting it. It was only after I had found Simon and Yoga Synergy that I realized yoga can make conditions worse if you practice it in an unsafe and unintelligently manner, which was BKS Iyengar' s major concern too. After training with Mr Iyengar, I had found Yoga Synergy, the missing link between traditional yoga and the needs of the modern human body. Simon is a biologist, physiotherapist and yoga teacher, and his knowledge about the human anatomy and physiology, and his insight about how traditional yoga and modern western physiotherapy can be brought together is so unique and profound that I have retrained with him all over the world. There was a cascade of positive results manifesting in all aspects of my life: in my health, relationships and even in my professional life. Go to a class, a teacher training, or do an online course with Simon, and you will realize what the sages have been saying about yoga as Kaivalya: freedom in presence. (Tite Togni, professional athlete, founder of YogaXRunners, Italy)