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At Yoga Synergy, we’ll help to develop your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and resilience to stress. Each practice you do will promote good internal health, physical grace, positive energy and peace of mind. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our current students say about us.

Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga

I would recommend Simon’s course on the Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga to anyone who is serious about their yoga practice. If you want to really understand what is happening in your body from an anatomical and physiological perspective when you are practicing yoga, then this course is vital.

I’ve been going to Simon’s classes for over 5 years now and that is not even that long compared to many in the class! What keeps us coming back is the the way we can see our yoga constantly evolving as Simon continues to develop his understanding of the human body and the physiological effects of yoga practice on health and wellbeing. With anatomical explanations and differing emphasis, postures that I have been doing for years suddenly seem completely new. The classes bring the mind-fullness back into yoga practice- rather than a series of postures. Simon’s style allows you to also feel the effects that yoga can have on energy levels, concentration and mental state. Every practice feels different and the effects are different day to day depending on the emphasis of the class.

The information I have learnt during Simon’s classes have allowed me to be better in tune with the needs of my body before each practice so i am able to choose for myself what sort of emphasis and energy I should bring to my own practice and have also left me with a better ability to create practice for myself at home that is effective and safe.

Simon’s Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga course is an invaluable course for anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the body. It is practical and interactive, highly informative and a lot of fun. Simon is clear in his teaching, passionate, holds your attention and presents the content in an easy to understand manner. The Science of Yoga is presented in a way which can be applied by everyone very practically both in their own practise and in the teaching of others. Simon focuses on working intuitively and encourages us to be mindful of our individual limitations but at the same time urges us to do our best. It has made a huge difference in my own personal practise giving me a greater increase in strength, flexibility and a deeper awareness of my body both internally and externally. You walk away with the feeling that you have received a unique gift. I have completed the course 3 times and I look forward to doing it again! So many gems of wisdom from a truly inspiring man.


Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Amelia, Bianca and Simon for all their help and for the opportunity to learn so much about this subject and for making it relevant to what we do. I look forward to the continuous learning and practising .

Thanks Again.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the importance of moving safely in and out of postures. Watching and practicing the videos has taught me so much about teaching with confidence and care.

Thanks to Simon and Bianca for giving so generously of their knowledge and time.

Yoga Synergy Classes

I had been experimenting with different yoga schools in Sydney for almost a year, but had yet to find one I really felt connected to. In late 2009, my former hairdresser in Brisbane – who moonlights as a yoga instructor – suggested I try Yoga Synergy. From the beginning, my experience was welcoming and positive. Every teacher displayed a genuine interest in my wellbeing. There was sense of mind-body connectedness. And I felt that my chronic knee injury was taken seriously and not “pushed through”. Regularly attending Yoga Synergy has provided me with a calmer, more meditative space for myself and improved my ability to practice yoga in a mindful way.

After studying yoga for many years, in mid-2009, I began attending Yoga Synergy in order to take my practice to the next level. The Yoga Synergy style of yoga is strong but graceful, dancelike and exquisite. The applied anatomy and physiology which informs the teaching is brilliant. And the tuition in pranayama and mediation is profound. Through their intelligent and sophisticated teaching, Simon, Bianca and their team open a path to significant physiological, emotional and spiritual development. The experience has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. And, it is really lovely to practice there.

I have been a student at Yoga Synergy since the beginning of 2010. I now regularly attend the 6am yoga class in addition to my other training which includes cycling, pilates and weight training. Since starting yoga, I have gained increased muscular and postural core strength. It has also improved my endurance, stamina flexibility and balance – and relieved me of the persistent pain of an injured shoulder and lower back. Yes all of the above!! Plus, I feel significantly more centred and happy, and look forward to each class because I know how good it will make me feel.

Not really a discussion thread, but just feel I must express my gratitude to Simon for so generously sharing his knowledge. I am loving the course and finding the information so helpful with my own practice. I did attend a Yoga Synergy class when i was in Sydney recently. Even tho I have been practising yoga for over 20 year I felt like a complete novice! The yoga teacher, however ( Amelia) was so professional, compassionate and inclusive. Wish I could attend on a more regular basis.

Thank you again Simon. Your efforts are so much appreciated.

In 1998, I was suffering recurrent migraines caused by tension in my neck and upper back. I was managing this with massages but it was a reactive and expensive solution that didn’t address the cause. Then my chiropractor suggested I attend Yoga Synergy. Yoga helped enormously and continues to do so. I don’t get many migraines nowadays but, when I do, nothing but yoga fixes it. I don’t bother taking painkillers, I practice yoga. Of course, I also keep going back because yoga gives me a sense of wellbeing, improves my mood and provides a nurturing space for my body and mind.

Teacher Training Testimonials

“If you were to invest your money somewhere then go and do a Yoga Synergy course with Simon Sir. Your investment will grow several times “

“If you want to learn a way to free your body, spine, mind and unleash energy, letting it flow through your body, causing a joy while moving, while staying relaxed and while breathing calmly then try Yoga Synergy”

“If you want a solid investment into education, that is very credible and backed up with years of practice, study and experience, you should choose Yoga Synergy”

“Do it, most intelligent, beautiful, evolutionary style of yoga. Do this teacher training and you will never have to do another.” Anna Maria Conneely (Ireland)

This is yoga and a health approach that can take you through the rest of your life.  No gimmicks. Endless learning and understanding.