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At Yoga Synergy, we’ll help to develop your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and resilience to stress. Each practice you do will promote good internal health, physical grace, positive energy and peace of mind. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our current students say about us. We have limited this page to jut a few, please refresh the page to read more testimonials.

Our Online Courses

Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga

Anine Shama

I learned so much during the yoga fundamental course. It opened up new ways of thinking, practising and understanding of yoga. It was super!

Milos Kascak

I want to thank you very very much for the AYF Course! This was definitely one the best projects I have ever undertaken! The Advanced Yoga Fundamentals Course together with your Applied Anatomy book provide everyone with the basic applied knowledge of how to use own body in the proper way. Especially thanks to your yoga I managed to get the rush, that had caused me all injuries, under control. Based on my past life I would suggest to implement such course into the basic PT education of pre or early adolescent youth to prevent unnecessary physical complications in the later life. I am especially very positively surprised about how much Hatha Yoga, at least the one you teach, about breathing and focusing on the navel is. Had I known and met this before around 2005, I would have started my spiritual quests with Hatha Yoga.

Yoga Therapy

Branislava M.

And here it is, I did it all. One more educational period with absolutely great, wise and awesome people Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier. I am so grateful that I decided to take all 3 of their online courses, I have learned so much. I guess next thing to do is doing it in person. So, hopefully, next stop Teacher Training. ☺️?

Nicoline Breedt

Such a great course! Very informative and engaging. I love the way how Simon invites students to participate whenever he explains something in order to put his words into action. It was truly a joyful learning experience. Simon offers effective delivery methods for each problem or case study and teaches all therapists and teachers to remain humble and positive. I am overall satisfied with the course and would highly recommend it!

Diana Figueira

I am really enjoying this and study for the first time with Simon and Bianca hope to do more courses online and after pandemic meet them in person!

Diana Figueira

I am really enjoying this and study for the first time with Simon and Bianca hope to do more courses online and after pandemic meet them in person!

Testimonial Breathe

Stacey Tipton

I enjoyed the course. I feel it was built well. (Breathe)

Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga

Amie Raz

I really enjoyed studying online. It was the perfect time to dive into a study routine while being in lockdown. I feel like I have gain invaluable knowledge and am going to continue studying and exploring all the other online classes. Thank you for everything that you offer, it really is brilliant.

Maddi Lock

I loved the Anatomy and Physiology online course. My own asana practice improved as each module was completed. I learnt the interaction of the muscle groups, the breathing techniques along with modifications for students with physical concerns for the main asanas. Simon personally answered my questions and provide deeper insight to the course assessment questions via phone calls. Having easy access to such a knowledgeable teacher was brilliant. The online course with Simon and Bianca is an excellent approach if unable to attend in person.

Asana 84 Postures


This ’84 Postures Course’ is essential for everyone who wants to gain insight into the gist of the most common yoga postures. I started my yoga studies with Ashtanga Yoga ten years ago, and kept on practicing for years without any anatomical knowledge. I ended up with a bulging vertebra and with chronic pain in my lower back. But since I came across the teachings of Simon Borg-Olivier and have done all three of his online courses – including ’84 Postures’ – I have had a sort of epiphany and finally I have much more sense and discernment about my body. Plus ’84 Postures’ not only enhances your knowledge about the most frequently taught asanas, but also helps you how to teach other people safely and effectively.

Giorgia Cisorio

I loved this course! Each pose is meticulously explained from foot to head focusing on the use of bandhas, mudras and stretch reflexes. This course provided me with a great understanding of how to practice each pose in a efficient way in order to improve the blood circulation thru my body and consequently improve my strength and flexibility but most importantly my health in a safe and sustainable way. The Asana Biomechanics 84 posture is a great course for everyone who want to enhance their own practice and yoga teachers. Thank you Simon and Bianca for sharing all this valuable knowledge.

Maggie Rooney

Thank you so much. I feel incredibly grateful to have access to this wisdom. Thank you both so much again for your wonderful integrity and dedication. ? Maggie

Ross Klavan

I've got about 30 years of yoga practice with some excellent instructors both live and on-line, but this course (and the really excellent "84 Postures") advances things to an entirely new level. Also, you can adapt it to your own body and expertise and it'll protect you from being injured (and if you got hurt in the past you'll probably learn why). I don't know Simon personally--I actually found his site completely by accident--but he brings an approach that feels like "true yoga" with real concern and none of the nonsense, and it's mixed with a genuine Western knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Great stuff.

Julian Boswell

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this course. The online learning made it easy for me to take my time with it. I was able to digest the information at my own pace, explore the different cues on my mat, and apply it to my practice. Human anatomy is a vast and potentially intimidating subject. However, approaching it in a practical way through familiar asana's, allowed for new information to be synthesised more easily. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Yoga Asana and how to move the body in a safe way.

Boost your Energy Testimonials

Jennifer Young

Thank you for the thorough teachings on physiology and blood flow. Even with 16 years experience in fitness and yoga, I learned so much. Namaste!

Mike Tetelman

A wonderful course. I learned a lot of important insights about breathing, moving from one's core, blood circulation, optimal pacing for exercise, staying firm and yet relaxed in poses and exercise, alignment and movement of muscles and joints, and more. All explained in a clear, concise, engaging way. Thank you!

What Others Say


I never enjoyed yoga until I attended classes at Yoga Synergy. Now I am a regular every week to Joss's 12.30pm class. I love that the program is designed by physios so is safe for my body. I get a great stretch and am also improving my strength.

Yoga Videos

Ngaio Richards

Though I am still (proudly) at intermediate level even after all this time I still get so much out of it as though it had been designed for me personally to use during all the ups and downs these years. I remember Simon saying in class many years ago that the Ether Sequence is one which is particularly useful as one ages mostly because of the way it works the legs - don't quote me, it was something along those lines. Perhaps to him at the time it was an off-hand statement but I always remember him saying this and had no idea at the time how right he was! The Ether Sequence seems to glue me back together again in all the right ways & places. I am actually stronger now than I was in my years at Yoga Synergy (more than 20years have passed since) and I hold the Ether Sequence mostly accountable.

Teacher Training

Tian Sheng

Bianca and Simon are great teachers.The synergy style is gentle and very accessible to all bodies.The online training has its advantages of being time flexible and accessible for people all over the world, however it is merely an eye opener and to get the full benefit of the training I think an in person training is still the best option. I have learnt so much from the course and would highly recommend anyone interested in yoga to spend time to learn what Simon and Bianca has to offer.truly grateful for their teachings. My yoga practice will never be the same again - in a good way! I have learnt so much, and am truly grateful for this teacher training because it gave me the tools to not only be able to safely teach others but to improve my own practice. I find the synergy style very intelligent, and not just based on appearance, but on logical and scientific interpretation of traditional teachings. I now incorporate the synergy movements into my own daily practice, and have noticed the difference in my body, as I become warmer, more active, and more connected just by doing simple-looking movements. I learnt simple doesn't mean easy, and simple can be extremely effective, and have the same benefit as complex movements. I also learnt that a pose may look simple, but there is so much going on inside, properly engaging the right muscles and knowing the purpose of the pose is more important than copying the physical form. I realised the value of building a solid foundation, in learning key areas to focus on, and taking these same principles into all postures. The assignments have been very cleverly designed to make sure I dig deeper into the resources to have a better understanding. I really enjoyed doing them! Overall I am so glad I did the course, and learnt more than I expected. I hope I can teach at Yoga Synergy one day and share my love of yoga with others, and spread the knowledge Bianca and Simon have passed onto me through this training.

Timea M.

Thank you, I truly appreciated the training. The more I learn from Simon, the more I realize how complex is his understanding of the physical, physiological and energetic relationships in yoga. He is not only really, really knowledgeable in yoga and functional anatomy, but an exceptional teacher with infinite passion for passing his wisdom on to students. I was afraid its going to be a lot of repetition and I may get bored. But it was just juicy ,intense and really entertaining, I loved all of it. I have never met someone who was always so ready to explain an explain again and again in different ways until students can get a better understanding. I would definitely recommend this training for even advanced yogis who have been teaching for a long time. Simon has the unique capability to shine a new light on most yoga poses with the spinal transitions.

Ana Bem Bizjan

I am extremely grateful to have been able to learn from both of you, I am humbled and in joy whenever I practice with the videos on the website, or just follow the movements or tips you put in the emails and social media. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ Ana Bem Bizjan