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At Yoga Synergy, we’ll help to develop your strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and resilience to stress. Each practice you do will promote good internal health, physical grace, positive energy and peace of mind. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our current students say about us.

Teacher Training

“If you want to learn a way to free your body, spine, mind and unleash energy, letting it flow through your body, causing a joy while moving, while staying relaxed and while breathing calmly then try Yoga Synergy”

Smart, thorough, calm, strong, meditative. Everything!

….I’d like to say a few words of gratitude. My time well spent at the Yoga Synergy Teacher Training retreat was one of my top highlights and life changing moments in Australia! This is a new beginning but a profound one.
I have been so fortunate to have the honour of being taught by my most respected Yoga Teachers Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss! Yoga Synergy has exceeded my expectations and I feel confident to carry out the knowledge and skills to transfer the beautiful flow of Hatha Yoga on to my future students. Whether I teach at Yoga Synergy soon or take this back to Canada or other parts of the world, I will carry out their legacy forward and share this beautiful art form to all those who want to receive it. Both teachers weighing a balance of tremendous trial and experience, skill and creativity in their own brilliant way and methods have made an enormous impact on my well-being down to the cellular level and far beyond words I can’t even express! I forever am grateful to be where I am today!

…. I’ve learned a great deal about who I am, affirmed what I already know, assured of my purpose, realized more of my gifts and talents beyond the cutting edge yoga training that I forever am grateful to have gleaned. Thanks to the two awesome people behind Yoga Synergy for creating something special for others to be inspired by….. My cup is full and I’m ready to pour it out to all of you who want to learn more. Thank you both for making a spectacular difference in my life!
Yoga Synergy Teacher Training Australia 2018

Yoga Videos

Simon’s spinal practice is like a beautiful dance party. This practice leaves you feeling energetic, less hungry and all parts of the body revitalized. Such a fresh new concept to the perception of yoga .- this is a must try.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Complete Sequence Set. When the student is ready the teacher appears. I have been practicing Yoga for about 14 years now and I have found some good instruction and not so good instruction. I have an at home practice so the download has been a wonderful addition. With an At- home practice as you know the student can follow the path of least resistance and ignore the hard parts and keep what is easy.

Thank you so much. I am sure that I will be ordering again from you for other items. I have already experienced some more body knowledge in a short time of use. The instruction is well thought out and presented in a way that is easy to understand.

Thank You Again

Patricia Drain
Plymouth Massachusetts

Our Online Courses

Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the High Distinction! And thanks for the AAP course. Comparatively new to Yoga I completed the ‘Fundamentals’ course last year and felt that AAP was a natural progression. I really loved the course which I thought was a perfect balance between anatomical and physiological detail and application to Yoga. I appreciated the course structure, particularly the discipline of having to complete weekly tasks while working towards a fuller understanding of how and why.

Many thanks also to Online Course Administrator Amelia whose reassuring presence was very supportive.

Deep and thorough knowledge of all disciplines relevant to yoga, decades of practice at a very high level and an incredible generosity towards students of all levels. No calculation, political correctness or other superficiality here; this is the essence of yoga taught with joy and with an open heart. Highest respect and gratitude.

Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga

I’ve been studying with Simon & Bianca in person and online since 2011. I have done all their online courses and participated in many of their workshops. Before that, I’d been trained as an Ashtanga teacher and suffered several self inflicted injuries. It was only when Yoga Synergies teachings started to sink in that I realized how little I know about the human body, and that yoga can make conditions worse if you apply it unintelligently.

Simon is a biologist, physiotherapist and yoga teacher and his knowledge about the human anatomy and physiology, and his insight about how traditional yoga and modern western physiotherapy can be brought together is so unique and profound that I have retrained with him as a Yoga Synergy teacher and I also taught 25 Yoga teachers how to teach with respect and understanding of the Yoga Synergy style.

This Yoga Therapy course is one of the most helpful courses I have ever done in Yoga and it informed not only myself but also my students and teacher trainees to a level where I am confident that our teachings will be safe effective and importantly promote a confidence in both the teachers and the students to promote health in addition to managing pain and conditions that present in class. I insist that all teachers at our studios have completed the Yoga Synergy online courses and actively encourage anyone with a strong interest in Yoga to take this course.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the importance of moving safely in and out of postures. Watching and practicing the videos has taught me so much about teaching with confidence and care.

Thanks to Simon and Bianca for giving so generously of their knowledge and time.

Yoga Synergy Classes

The best authentic yoga I know. Away from the mainstream, Simon teaches his students his beautiful, eventful yoga art. Or should I say, Simon inspires in a very profound way and makes the flow a successful meditation.

Yoga Synergy, in the care and mgmt of Simon and Bianca, offers absolute world class wonderful yoga instruction. It is not your average studio, the directors train their hand selected teachers over years and the quality and care shows. Be warned though.. if you go to them first you will never be satisfied in other studios because these guys are truly the best. Yoga Synergy directors understand the Western body as well as the Eastern yogic traditions. If you look at the BIOs of the head instructors of other studios in Sydney most have trained under the direction of Yoga Synergy directors. Try them.. you will be delighted.