Teacher Training

Sheila Annis

Studying yoga with Bianca and Simon is such an enriching experience. Their vast knowledge is woven with generous loving kindness, so one feels held in a web of support to move forward with teaching and self practice.

Lidia Pavlovich

I am a lucky and a happy person, because I have found this fabulous Synergy yoga school. The interesting thing is that I wanted to learn from Bianca and Simon many years ago, but I had no opportunity, as I live very far from Australia. The pandemic is a bad thing but it changed the communication around the world. So now it is possible to study on the Internet. The online teacher training course is my choice. From the beginning I was very interested in the Synergy Method, but when I started my course I found it absolutely perfect. The style of teaching I like to copy. The atmosphere is so encouraging. I feel like a part of community. And I thank my teachers very very much. Bianca helps me even with my difficulties with the translation from English. I admire their work for organization and making the stuff. The Internet resources, the schedule of online live conferences are very nice. The amount of knowledge is so huge and it is a pleasure for those who likes to learn. The method by itself is unique, the best I’ve tried. And the researches that Bianca and Simon made are great. Thank you for sharing your great experience! I highly recommend Synergy yoga teacher training course.

Oksana I.

Simon has an art of giving, from his heart, mind, and soul. I have been researching the internet, magazines, and books for years in my quest to find the guru who would have the deep theoretical knowledge paired with intelligence practice, complemented by passion, dedication and such an authentic gift as a teacher, as Simon Borg-Olivier, and I can truly connect to. From our first contact, I immediately knew Simon was that guru. His ability to constantly evolve and take his students to higher, purer and more intelligent levels of practice is amazing.

Karen Van B

Ever since I was introduced to the yoga synergy method by my teacher, I was keen on taking a ytt with Bianca and Simon but wasn't able to travel and carve out a whole month away from my family. Probably one of the only positive consequences of the pandemic is that Yoga Synergy became an online training. I am enjoying the practices enormously and my body hasn't experienced any pain or discomfort since I started practicing Yoga Synergy on a daily basis. I did become stronger and have more range of motion at the same time. The live calls with Bianca and Simon have been very valuable and the anatomy is so extensive that I feel way more confident in teaching anatomy during my classes than before. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in deepening their practice or who wants to understand how you can teach yoga to everyone in a sensible manner.

Rachy Van W.

Yoga Synergy teacher training with Simon was more than life changing, but life forming. Everyone who is passionate about movement, yoga and living with freedom in the mind and soul would love this intensive training. I sure did.