Teacher Training

Patricia Smith

I cannot rate Yoga Synergy and Simon and Bianca highly enough! They teach a style that is accessible and safe for everyone, have a way of teaching and engaging with their students that feels personal and caring, even in the online training courses which are the only ones I have done with Yoga Synergy. I can recommend any of their online courses for new, but also for highly experienced Yoga instructors as their wealth of knowledge is phenomenal. Love those guys and feel very grateful learning from both of them. Thank you Namaste

Jess Ossington

I choose to complete my 200hr yoga teacher training with Yoga Synergy because they teach a safe, effective practice that is rooted in yogic tradition and guided by the knowledge of modern physiotherapy. The teacher training course is incredibly comprehensive in terms of both practical skills and theory. Completing the training in Goa, India with Simon Borg-Olivier was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. Simon truly is a master, and to learn from him is a joy and a privilege. I'm so grateful to Bianca and Simon for developing a practice that has had such a positive impact on my health, and I'm excited to share this knowledge as a yoga instructor.

Lidia Pavlovich

I am a lucky and a happy person, because I have found this fabulous Synergy yoga school. The interesting thing is that I wanted to learn from Bianca and Simon many years ago, but I had no opportunity, as I live very far from Australia. The pandemic is a bad thing but it changed the communication around the world. So now it is possible to study on the Internet. The online teacher training course is my choice. From the beginning I was very interested in the Synergy Method, but when I started my course I found it absolutely perfect. The style of teaching I like to copy. The atmosphere is so encouraging. I feel like a part of community. And I thank my teachers very very much. Bianca helps me even with my difficulties with the translation from English. I admire their work for organization and making the stuff. The Internet resources, the schedule of online live conferences are very nice. The amount of knowledge is so huge and it is a pleasure for those who likes to learn. The method by itself is unique, the best I’ve tried. And the researches that Bianca and Simon made are great. Thank you for sharing your great experience! I highly recommend Synergy yoga teacher training course.

Natacha Martins

Many thanks for everything. This course was really a wish come true! What you do, and how you teach is so flawless that sometimes we can actually believe it's easy!!! This course is not just "an online" course, but a really in depth one! Hope soon we can all do a "live" one. Learned a lot, felt very supported and hope to continue learning from these wonderful teachers! Natacha

Molly Reinhart

I am so glad I chose Yoga Synergy to do my Online Teacher Training. There's so much information packed in I felt like doing every class twice. The Synergy Style is exactly what I needed to form the foundation for a safe lifelong practice. I feel equipped to discern what's going to feel good for me both immediately and long-term, as well as being able to pinpoint and verbally guide what looks uncomfortable in students who might not recognise it or just think it's part of yoga. The Spinal Movements Sequence offered here is absolutely incredible. It moves my body in all the right ways and leads me into a beautiful meditative flow. Every time I do it I notice another nuance of how perfectly designed it is. I didn't have the intention of teaching when I signed up, but now that I see what a unique practice I've learned I want everyone to know! The quality of information offered by Simon and Bianca is way beyond worth every penny. My advice to anyone interested is if you're going to put the time in, you ought to be 100% sure you're getting the best instruction. Personally, my body and mind say "this is it".