Teacher Training

Stefan Camilleri

"Bianca and Simon are very quickly becoming my most important teachers, even after only having practised with Simon in person briefly. I'm now completing their online courses and haven't felt this good in my practice and body in years, it's such good content I can't recommend it enough. Can't wait for Goa!"

James M.

I think before synergy my practice had been one based on competing with my body, forcing it into submission. But synergy teaches you to find the subtle practice, allowing you to actually begin hearing and synchronizing with your own body, opening up a whole universe of healing.

Eric S.

The best authentic yoga I know. Away from the mainstream, Simon teaches his students his beautiful, eventful yoga art. Or should I say, Simon inspires in a very profound way and makes the flow a successful meditation.

Oksana I.

Simon has an art of giving, from his heart, mind, and soul. I have been researching the internet, magazines, and books for years in my quest to find the guru who would have the deep theoretical knowledge paired with intelligence practice, complemented by passion, dedication and such an authentic gift as a teacher, as Simon Borg-Olivier, and I can truly connect to. From our first contact, I immediately knew Simon was that guru. His ability to constantly evolve and take his students to higher, purer and more intelligent levels of practice is amazing.

Judy Damas

I had been practicing using the Yoga Synergy Method for about 10 years before deciding to attend a teacher training course. I had also done all the Yoga Synergy courses and a number of workshops. The teacher training course was intensive and educational, it combined old Synergy with its focus on asanas with ever evolving Synergy's focus on spinal movements. The depth and knowledge of yoga by these physiotherapist/yoga masters is unmatched. I learned so much that I attended another teacher training the following year. In fact, I have decided to routinely return to training and I recommend to anyone looking for an integrative, deeper understanding of yoga.