Teacher Training

Katherine Peverelle

I completed the 2020-2021 online teacher training course. The entire course took me an entire year to complete. The online courses (yoga fundamentals, yoga anatomy and asana) are worthwhile studying together as they compliment each other well. The material provided is thorough and in depth, and the video presentations are interesting and simple to follow. I think my favorite part of the course was the series of zoom lessons with Bianca and Simon. They are inspiring and welcoming teachers. No doubt the lessons would be far better in the flesh, but if you are unable to travel or leave home then this online course is a great option. The most important thing about the yoga synergy style of yoga is that it is accessible to many people because it encourages safe ways of performing postures. It encourages movements throughout the spine which has been tremendously advantageous in my own yoga practice. My students say they feel the difference in their practice too.

Carol-Anne O’Kane

Yoga Synergy revoluntionized how I view my yoga practice. As someone who regularly encountered physical, emotional and spiritual pain during my yoga journey, I believe these experiences guided me towards facilitators who stress the importance of safety and ease. I found Bianca and Simon's delivery so clearly stated, safety focused and easy to understand. They also made the idea of safety in the practice itself so engaging that I am re-filled with a fresh paradigm to applying the postures to the Beginners Mind. Although the online format can never live up to experiencing this in real life, the online portal had a lot of information in an easy to use format (once you get used to where everything is). So, thank you for re-aligning my entire concept of modern yoga. It feels like the relief after someone has clicked my spine back into place after being disjointed for so long.

Brett Walsh (Australia)

This is yoga and a health approach that can take you through the rest of your life.  No gimmicks. Endless learning and understanding.

Candy W.

If you want to learn to be a yoga teacher - Yoga Synergy is the only place to learn. The online courses supplied relevant information alongside the comprehensive practice videos, which included two levels of poses for those new to yoga and the more advanced. Yoga Synergy is suitable for all ages - energetic enough for the younger body while gentle enough for the older bodies. I had completed a 200 hour yoga training earlier, the result of this training made me feel very insignificant from very ego driven teachers, with no practical training supplied. Complete waste of money and time. My concern is now to learn the poses enough to make Bianca and Simon proud of their Yoga synergy styles when I teach. I would not teach any other style.


....I’d like to say a few words of gratitude. My time well spent at the Yoga Synergy Teacher Training retreat was one of my top highlights and life changing moments in Australia! This is a new beginning but a profound one. I have been so fortunate to have the honour of being taught by my most respected Yoga Teachers Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss! Yoga Synergy has exceeded my expectations and I feel confident to carry out the knowledge and skills to transfer the beautiful flow of Hatha Yoga on to my future students. Whether I teach at Yoga Synergy soon or take this back to Canada or other parts of the world, I will carry out their legacy forward and share this beautiful art form to all those who want to receive it. Both teachers weighing a balance of tremendous trial and experience, skill and creativity in their own brilliant way and methods have made an enormous impact on my well-being down to the cellular level and far beyond words I can’t even express! I forever am grateful to be where I am today! .... I’ve learned a great deal about who I am, affirmed what I already know, assured of my purpose, realized more of my gifts and talents beyond the cutting edge yoga training that I forever am grateful to have gleaned. Thanks to the two awesome people behind Yoga Synergy for creating something special for others to be inspired by..... My cup is full and I’m ready to pour it out to all of you who want to learn more. Thank you both for making a spectacular difference in my life! Yoga Synergy Teacher Training Australia 2018