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Boost your Energy

The 12 ways to improve your circulation
and effectively move energy through your body With Simon Borg-Olivier

Improve your Circulation & INCrease your energy levels
regulate your appetite & MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT
Learn the best exercise plan for you

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12 Ways - 12 Lessons - Over 6 Weeks

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Boost your Energy

The 12 ways to improve your circulation and effectively move energy through your body

What you will learn...

    • How to increase energy levels, regulate your appetite and weight
    • How to encourage cardiovascular health without having to strain your heart 
    • How to improve your digestion of food, absolutions of nutrients and elimination of wastes
    • The five things most people do that inhibit healthy circulation and what to do to resolve them
    • How to relax while doing healthy exercise that can give pain-free improvements in strength, flexibility, and fitness

Did you know?

The heart is only one way of circulating
energy through the body

What happens when you rely on your heart alone to move energy through the body?

  • If you rely on the heart, you usually go into the stressful state of the 'flight or fight response'
  • When this happens you turn off your digestive system, immune system, and reproductive system
  • This makes your dominant subconscious emotional state manifest as fear, anger, and lack of safety
  • Your conscious mind may just be thinking you are doing challenging exercise but your subconscious mind overrules

    Is this course for you?
    The answer is yes if you want to:
    • Gain an insight into the best form of exercise for you
    • Find out how your exercise regime can be optimised to protect your body
    • Become more familiar with how your own body responds to various postures, movements, breathing exercises and mental commands
    • Improve your ability to manage your own body
    • Improve your ability to help other people


    You will have access to the course material for 8 weeks with weekly emails sent to your inbox.

    INCLUDES 32 Page Text EBook

    I’ll show you how to improve the quality of your life as well as your overall fitness, happiness, health and longevity.Simon Borg-Olivier

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    What others say

    Boost your Energy Testimonials

    Mike Tetelman

    A wonderful course. I learned a lot of important insights about breathing, moving from one's core, blood circulation, optimal pacing for exercise, staying firm and yet relaxed in poses and exercise, alignment and movement of muscles and joints, and more. All explained in a clear, concise, engaging way. Thank you!

    Jennifer Young

    Thank you for the thorough teachings on physiology and blood flow. Even with 16 years experience in fitness and yoga, I learned so much. Namaste!

    Two Topics Per Week - 8 Weeks Access

    1. Balance your Practice both Energetically & Physically
    2. Improve your Circulation using Gravity, Muscles & Breath
    3. Improve your Circulation with optimal Posture & Active Movements
    4. Improve your Circulation with Bandhas & Circular movements
    5. Improve your Circulation using External Pressure
    6. Improve your Circulation using Heat and CO2
    7. Improve your Circulation using Your Mind
    8. Improve your Circulation by Decreasing Tension
    9. Improve your Circulation by Restoring Natural Breathing
    10. Move from your Core for Strength, Flexibility & Fitness
    11. Improve your Muscles and Joints with Optimal Movement
      Move your Spine for Health, Happiness & Longevity

    Why study with us?

    • A Highly Qualified teacher

      The course is explained simply and practically by experienced yoga teacher and physiotherapist, Simon Borg-Olivier who has over 30 years experience.

    • Excellent Reputation

      Yoga Synergy is understood to offer the most comprehensive Yoga Education and Training in Australia. We provide the support and flexibility you need to learn.


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    Boost your Energy

    The 12 ways to improve your circulation and effectively move energy through your body



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