Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga


‘Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga’ is a must-do online yoga teacher training program for anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher and/or deepen their yoga practice. Between them, Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier have practised and studied yoga for over half a century.


  • WHAT each pose entails including internal actions usually undetected visually
  • WHERE to focus activity in the body to reach the desired outcome of the pose
  • WHEN a pose is best performed in the sequence/when the body is ready for more challenge
  • WHY the pose affects movement of energy and information in the body’s deep pathways
  • HOW the body can achieve the greatest benefit from each pose through tips and mindsets

This course is a minimum 24 hours online and you will gain Continuing Education Points (CEP) credited with: Yoga Alliance (24 CEP per course) or Yoga Australia (12 CEP per course). You will have 6 months access to this course.

Bianca and Simon are the founders and directors of one of Sydney’s pioneer yoga schools, Yoga Synergy, established in 1985.


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Online Yoga Teacher Training

‘Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching yoga’ is part of Yoga Synergy’s 200h yoga teacher training course, so by completing this course you have done 20 non-contact hours towards 200h Teacher Training with Yoga Synergy. Advanced Yoga Fundamentals plus  ‘Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga’ online course are part of Yoga Synergy 300h Teacher Training.
Bianca and Simon’s combined expertise – as yoga teachers and physiotherapists – led to the development of the university course, Body, Breath and Movement, at RMIT in Melbourne. That course forms the basis of ‘Essentials for teaching Yoga’. The online yoga teacher training course blends modern science with traditional hatha yoga, with a focus on the practical application of anatomy and physiology to enhance your yoga practice. Topics covered include:

  • History and philosophy of yoga
  • Applied anatomy and physiology of yoga
  • How to safely and effectively practise physical yoga
  • Practice session on how to lengthen nerves
  • Practice session on how to best move with the spine
  • Practice session on one-legged poses
  • Practice session on spinal twists
  • Practice session on inverted postures
  • Practice session on breath-control exercises
  • Practice session on meditation and relaxation

You will have access to this online yoga teacher training program for 6 months.

Further Course Information Please visit our Course Information page for more details and weekly topic overviews.


Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga

Olivier Deletroz

The way Simon teaches is pure perfection for my injured body, everything that was taught resonated with my knowledge and I am now able to practice without pain, discomfort or loss of motivation. I am chiropodist (podiatrist) with a good background of functional anatomy and biomechanics, and prior to this I was a landscaper and snowboard teacher - nice jobs but not so healthy for the joints and the back. After a few years of very regular yoga practice I was finding my lower back, wrists and shoulders were actually worse, as the well meaning teachers that I had were only showing the final stages of postures and pushing my body too far.

John Butler

It all started in 2017 for me after watching a video on YouTube with Simon, see link below: This inspired me at the age 45 to begin my yoga practice, I saw something in Simons movement that I found impressive, from my past as a martial artist I saw some elements that reminded me of this, intertwined with flowing moves I had never seen before, and I saw in Simon the movement and grace that I aspired to be. From my time is martial arts I had naturally formed my own type of flowing moves from the various arts I had studied but I didn’t have the Yoga Asanas, vinyasa and flexibility that was demonstrated in Simons videos. Soon after I began my journey with some online yoga synergy videos, and then more recently decided to take the Yoga Advanced Fundamentals course. It wasn’t long before I realised that yoga is far more than stretching and fancy moves, and realized that I didn’t need be the most flexible person in the world. I could just happy being who I was and be happy with what I have. Even though I still strive for improvement within myself I do not have to compare myself with anyone else. I initially found studying hard but after the first week I gained momentum and started to enjoy every minute, every bit of reading work and every Asana and sequence, I looked forward to studying every day, it was never a chore. I was quite sad when it came to the end, Simon and Bianca are great teachers and explain things really well. The last few weeks of my course were during the start of the world wide Coronavirus epidemic and I found great comfort in the course at this time as it helped me to focus, stay calm and at times to meditate. I would highly recommend you take this course if you want to deepen your understanding of yoga. I look forward to building on what I have learnt so far, progressing and becoming a better version of myself every day. I also would love to meet Simon and Bianca in real life and take part in a class. 5-star rating from me. John Butler.

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About the Teachers

  • Bianca is the co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy and has over 30 years experience teaching yoga, managing a studio and creating a community. Bianca and Simon’s shared passion for yoga has led to the creation of Yoga Synergy daily yoga classes, workshops, teacher training courses and international events.
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  • Simon is the co-founder and owner of Yoga Synergy and has over 35 years experience teaching yoga, inspiring people all around the world. Bianca and Simon’s shared passion for yoga has led to the creation of Yoga Synergy daily yoga classes, workshops, teacher training courses and international events.
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