Joss Best

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Originally from the UK, Joss studied drama and had a seven year career on the stage and during this time, first connected with the practise of yoga. Her passion for yoga continued when she moved to Australia, started a family (three boys), and simultaneously managed to develop a deep yoga practise, complete two teacher trainings and attend courses, and is now joining the Yoga Synergy team of teachers.

“Yoga has had the most profound impact on my life. So I’m thrilled to be able to contribute and help others along their own path of practise.”

I started practising yoga over 25 years ago – at first as an antidote to a very fast- paced London life. A glorious moment to just be still and present in a world that was spinning around me. But it quickly became apparent that it was in fact I who was spinning, and my yoga practise very quietly very calmly very steadily made me be still!
When I was pregnant with my first child, yoga became a regular part of my daily routine and gave me enormous strength, courage and focus for the actual birth and those first overwhelming parenting years!

After moving to Australia in 2006, I quickly identified Yoga Synergy as an absolutely authentic, intelligent and above all inspirational school. The depth of knowledge that Simon and Bianca have is overwhelming and extraordinary – a source of constant admiration and joy. Their unique style and attention to detail allows yoga to be accessible and safe for everybody and for each student to practise at their own level. As a creature of habit myself, I adore the 9 week sequencing programme. It allows for a real freedom to listen to, respond and respect how your body and mind are feeling on any different day. I am so grateful to have been practising with Yoga Synergy for over 11 years.

I decided to begin teaching because I was so inpsired by what I was learning at Yoga Synergy. It has had the most profound impact on my life. So it seems a perfectly natural progression to want to share what I have been taught. To be able to contribute and help others along their own path of practise.

Joss studied Drama in the Uk and was acting on the London stage for 7 years before the birth of her first son.
She completed a 200 hr teacher training course at Samadhi in Newtown a few years ago and has completed the Yoga Synergy Anatomy and Physiology course and Yoga Synergy 200 hr teacher training with Bianca and Simon. Workshops include Clive Sheridan and Yoga Synergy Yoga Therapy.
Joss makes ceramics for her husband’s restaurant and on commission for photo shoots and friends. But mostly she runs around after her three boys, as an unglorified chef, cleaner, washer woman and chauffeur.
She loves to swim in the ocean as much as possible and wishes her garden was big enough to keep chickens.