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Is the ‘alien yoga’ trend really healthy? By Jo Hartley

Simon Borg-Olivier was recently interviewed by The Age newspaper for his thoughts on Nauli…

“Nauli is something that real yoga practitioners tend to keep to themselves, and newer, less experienced teachers don’t learn because it’s very hard to master as it involves a very different breathing technique,” says Simon Borg-Olivier, Director of Yoga Synergy in Sydney.
As far as Instagram trends go there’s not much that’s been left untouched – who can forget the thigh gap, the Cara Devigne eyebrows and the turmeric latte? But, just when you thought trends couldn’t get any weirder, our feeds are filling up with stomachs contorted into unrecognisable shapes. This trend is named alien yoga.

Officially known as Nauli, alien yoga is said to cleanse the internal organs and tone the abdominal region. The weird alien shape is achieved by emptying your lungs, pulling in your abdomen under your rib cage and isolating and contracting the central, left and right side of the abdominal muscles.

Despite the potential benefits of this type of yoga, Nauli is not one that’s commonly taught or practiced in Western yoga classes.

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