We are delighted to welcome Aditi to the Yoga Synergy family and wish her all the best with her studies.

Thank-you so much to everyone who entered.

It was heartwarming to read the responses and reminded us that there are many people out there interested in joining our journey and learning with us.It was a huge challenge to make a final decision. We wish the very best to all candidates.

Here are a few words from Aditi…

“Hi, I am Aditi. I am from India and a regular practitioner of Hatha yoga. My regular practice has changed me in various ways I could never imagine, in my body , mind and my outlook towards life. I wish people would see this in their lives too.

I was drawn towards the Yoga Synergy method as it integrates the traditional and modern techniques. I wish to provide the safe and most effective way of presenting the practice while I teach. There could not have been any better opportunity to learn about human anatomy from someone who are experts and experienced in this field.

I am looking to learn and really grateful that I got this opportunity”

All the best Aditi!!

Namaste Bianca and Simon and the Yoga Synergy team

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