Don’t just self isolate…self educate!

Wow, what times we’re living in!!

Worldwide, we’re all affected by this unprecedented situation, it’s frightening and leaving us all with so much uncertainty……

First and foremost, we sincerely hope that our Yoga Synergy community, family and friends are all safe and looking after each other.

If you’re stuck at home in isolation, we encourage you to use this time positively.

To facilitate some online home study we’ve made a significant reduction in the price of our online courses.

We’re offering a 40% price reduction off our main Yoga Education & Training courses  plus our new Skill building course – Asana Biomechanics of 84 Postures until the end of April.

These courses can be used for Continuing education points, or just to improve your understanding of yoga and how you practice.

Some info about the courses:

Advanced Yoga Fundamentals – This course can be used towards a Yoga Synergy Teacher Training certificate (200h) if you’re thinking of studying with us in the future.

Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga is used by many Teacher Training organisations as part of the training so if you run a teacher training or know anyone who needs an online course please put them in touch with us for group discounts, or if you’re doing a teacher training then check if you can use this course to cover the anatomy -put your teacher in touch with us.

This course has been developed by us (both Physiotherapists) for RMIT University in Melbourne and their Masters of Wellness program, so its a really reputable course and highly recommended for anyone practicing or teaching yoga.

Yoga Therapy – If you’re a yoga teacher and would like to deal with your students’ ailments and conditions safely and effectively, first you have to understand the anatomy and physiology of your own body. Over 12 weeks of Video Lectures, you will learn to make the yoga you teach safer and more effective. Many people practice exercises way beyond their understanding and physical capability, which is why it is so easy to get injured.

Asana – Biomechanics 84 Postures  – Simon Borg-Olivier shows in detail how to safely and effectively practice 84 commonly practiced postures and many of their simple-to-complex variations in order develop strength, flexibility and fitness, in a way that helps to enhance health, well-being and longevity.

In our busy lives, we never seem to have “time”. Lack of time is one of the reasons busy people don’t take online courses. Right now you can take advantage of this unexpected opportunity to step back your busy life to self educate and learn some new things. Find out more  or Enrol now


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