FREE Yoga Therapy Session with Simon Borg-Olivier

A new Yoga Synergy Online Workshop. 

In this session, Simon Borg-Olivier, Co-Director of Yoga Synergy, will take you through some of the essential basics of yoga therapy. Watch the full session online.

If you are sick or injured, we always recommend seeing a specialist, but sometimes, if you can’t get help elsewhere, you may need to help yourself with self-diagnosis and self-treatment.

Simon will share his wisdom as an exercise-based physiotherapist and long-time yoga teacher to explain the basic principles of determining what has gone wrong in your body if you have an injury.

He will also show how you can prevent it from getting worse and what you may do to heal it.

Whether a novice, an advanced practitioner, or a long-time teacher, you will benefit greatly from this session.

“As exercise-based physiotherapists, Bianca Machliss and I have developed many ways of working with your body that allow your practice to be safe, accessible, and effective. I look forward to spending this time with you”

Namaste Simon Borg-Olivier

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