Join us online for the FIRE Sequence


We have three options to choose from if you'd like to do some Yoga from home.

  1. 8 WEEK FIREwith Bianca: Join Bianca for the full FIRE sequence filmed at home. This is an 8 week progressive practice like we do in class ending in a music practice. Most classes are between 30 - 50 minutes. You can stream these Fire Sequence classes whenever you like and access is forever for $14.99. SHOP HERE
  2. ONLINE CLASS SUBSCRIPTION with Bianca & Simon: Over 70 classes to choose from with both Bianca and Simon and the above Fire sequence is included. The subscription is a recurring payment monthly $30 or $15 per week (you can cancel any time), access only as long as you are paying the subscription: SUBSCRIBE HERE
  3. FIRE VIDEO +/- 8 WEEK FIRE with Bianca: Purchase the FIRE Sequence video (3 levels of practice with both Bianca & Simon, simple and complex versions - to keep forever, can be viewed via streaming or download) $30 on its own or add the 8 week progressive practice (streaming access forever) for an additional $14.99 SHOP HERE

FREE Class with Bianca

Try a FREE Class below.  Fire Sequence is designed to be a heating dynamic energising practice to benefit you during the cold winter months. Fire is the transformative element!

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