Learn four (4) simple breathing exercises to
energise and revitalise you physically, mentally
and emotionally. Learn to slip into 'the zone' or the 'flow state'


This Online Workshop will teach you four (4) simple breathing exercises that can truly energise you. These exercises are some of the unique ways to get more energy by doing less than you usually do – by breathing less than you typically do! But in a focused and relaxing way.

Learn how to avoid common breathing problems like locking your core, inhibiting your diaphragm, and stressful over-breathing (hyperventilation)  which can reduce the flow of oxygen to your brain and your cells.  Avoid overstimulating your sympathetic nervous system (the flight, fight and fear response’).

Learn how to increase your energy levels, optimise the function of your internal organs,  bring your subconscious out of a state of anxiety and fear.

In the class, I will clearly explain:

  1. How to clean your lungs but increase carbon dioxide in your body and why this is important
  2. How to use your diaphragm more effectively and why this is important

Increasing carbon dioxide in your body with these exercises will:

  1. Bring more blood to your brain and heart by expanding your blood vessels (vasodilation)
  2. Allow more oxygen to enter your body via your lungs by expanding your bronchial tubes (bronchodilation)Increase oxygen uptake into your cells, which can increase your energy levels by 18 times
  3. Calm your nervous system Increase your digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, and the elimination of wastes and toxins

Enhancing the activity of your diaphragm may help to:

  1. Relieve lower back pain Increase the flexibility of your spineImprove the power of your trunk Improve the health of your digestive system Improve the health of your immune system
  2. Help to reduce anxiety and stress by allowing you to more easily access a dominance of your parasympathetic nervous system (your ‘rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and regeneration response’)”

Are you trying to Quit smoking?
If you are a smoker, these exercises can help you quit smoking as they have the same calming effect as cigarettes.

About the Teacher

Hi, I'm Simon Borg-Olivier, Physiotherapist and Co-Director of Yoga Synergy.

I  have been a student of traditional forms of posture, movement, breathing and mental control for more than 50 years. I have worked as a research-based scientist, exercise-based physiotherapist and a university lecturer in several science fields. My passion for these subjects has led me to understand that the world is a very connected place.

I believe that to make the world a better place people should treat each other, all life and the Earth itself in a way that acknowledges the connections between everything. I believe the best way of beginning this practise is to acknowledge and enhance the connections within yourself.

I hope you enjoy this Online Workshop.
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I give thanks for my traditional teachers from Tibet, Japan India, and China and my amazing teachers from the Western scientific world.

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Due to the current circumstances Simon and Bianca are planning to run more online workshops.
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