Simon Borg-Olivier Lecture & Yoga Demonstration at Goddess Exhibition Art Gallery of NSW in January 2007

Simon Borg-Olivier, RMIT University Lecturer, Physiotherapist and Yoga Synergy Co-Director gave a lecture and advanced hatha yoga demonstration on the relationships between yoga and goddess mythology and culture at the Divine Goddess Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney Australia on 24 January 2007. This is part 3 of the video. The first two parts may be uploaded later. NB first 3 minutes are last part of the demonstration, next two minutes are last part of the lecture then the next 3 minutes are only the first part of the group class that followed after the lecture (We thought it was edited out but it is still here so please disregard it and no need to view from 5:00 to 7:56)

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Posted by Kunkanit Phrombut on 10th April 2010:

Wow..u so cool Simon ..:) its always great thats ur demonstration.and I alwys hold my breath when i see it.:) miss u ka:)

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