Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Demonstration on the Cliffs of the Bahamas October 2009

Glenn Venghaus has posted a video of Simon Borg-Olivier’s advanced yoga display on the cliffs of the Bahamas in October 2009 where he was privileged to be invited to teach in part of WIlliam Truebridge’s Freediving Masterclass.

Glen writes…

Simon Borg Olivier, a legend in the yoga world and expert on breathing techniques (pranayama) as well as able to understand yoga from a freediving perspective as no other..Man o man o man o man, how did Simon Borg-Olivier shocked our world. After meeting this guy we all have a complete new understanding of what yoga is all about. Not just a bag of tricks and positions or extreme flexibility or vage floaty statements of would be gurus with nice sounding indian nicknames. No this was the real deal.

This man knows his stuff and most important , he know how to translate his knowledge into a well rounded way of educating people and making you understand what is import and why by letting you experience the difference yourself. His knowledge and deep found respect for freediving and freedivers (he constantly called us the gurus and that he was learning) and what we want and can get out of yoga closes the deal.

So day after day we were sucked into his world. At the end of the course he thanked us by doing a yoga performance for us at a very difficult but beautiful location on a out-sticking rock overlooking the ocean and crashing waves in strong gusts of wind which would make the most simple balance position a master feat.

Check out his routine here (for medium to high bandwidh users, 133 MB total size, use the pause button to preload if bandwidth problems). ”


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