Simon’s philosophy of how to practice posture, movement breathing & mental control in a meditative way

This video comes from my introductory talk to a beautiful workshop in Bellingen Australia, organised for me by Senior Yoga Synergy Teacher Amelia Desspain of Yoga Bellingen. Thanks to her and to everyone who attended this wonderful weekend.

In this talk, I show and discuss the following things:
(1) Why our lifestyle of prolonged chair sitting (most modern people spend 5-15 hours sitting each day!) is:
* shortening our psoas muscles, which is tightening the front hips (leading to many hip problems), compressing the lower back leading to lower back pain, and restricting our diaphragms causing psychological stress and poor breathing
* making our spines stiffer, which limits our physical freedoms, strains the joints of our arms and legs, and inhibits internal organ function
* altering the shapes of our neck leading to neck pain, headaches and brain fog
* reducing our energy and increasing our stress levels

(2) How to move your neck to relieve neck pain

(3) How to safely mobilise your spine

(4) The principles of a safe, effective physical practice that can be meditative, energising and calming all at the same time.

If you would like to learn more about how to practice safe, accessible movements for health, happiness and longevity please check out our online courses.

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