Alberto Guerrieri


The Online TTC is simply amazing. It took me one year to complete and absorb the material. Studying with Bianca and Simon is an incredible opportunity, the experience and knowledge they share through the 3 registered courses (Advanced Yoga Fundamentals, Anatomy&Physiology, 84 Postures) was more than expected from an Online course, but there’s much more!! With the live classes you can clarify and deepen the amazing concepts they teach, I’ve found simply beautiful that you can create a real relationship with both teachers.
I’ve learned a lot from the other students’ questions and the sincere and free of judgment interaction it has been created through the year.
Simon and Bianca’s different approach to practice is like having attended two TTC at the price of one, they both share the same principles but with different interpretations, which leads you to become a super teacher at the end of the course. I feel I’ve gained so much knowledge that gave me a solid foundation to deal with any kind of body and practitioners of different level of experience.
Having found Yoga Synergy and decided to trust Simon and Bianca changed me in a better person, student and yoga teacher.
I am forever thankful to these amazing people!! Namaste