Catherine T.


I have been practising yoga at Yoga Synergy for about 24 years and I get very disappointed if I have to miss my weekly lesson for some reason. What I love about this school is that they teach yoga properly, that is they teach so that every person, regardless of their size, shape and age can practise in a way that is fulfilling and safe. Simon and Bianca have put a huge amount of thought into developing their particular program and style of yoga and their background in Physiotherapy means they have a very good understanding of people’s capabilities and also understand injury. I have had several injuries over the years as well as two pregnancies and have always been able to continue with my practice because I have learnt how to practise safely. Yoga has been my major source of exercise now for many years and through it I have been able to maintain strength and flexibility, allowing me to do a number of other sports and forms of exercise at a reasonably competent level. The teachers all have the same training so there is consistency across the classes and the 9 week sequence program allows you to build up competency in a number of poses which can then be practised outside class on your own. I just love it!!