Judy Damas


I discovered Yoga Synergy and Simon while searching for a cure for sciatica developed from general yoga classes. I was hesitant to use yoga to cure something which yoga had caused, however, once I listened and watched Simon I realised he was different. He actually seemed to know what he was saying. I purchased his beginner DVDs and did them consistently almost daily for years. In the meantime the sciatica disappeared within a few months of practicing this yoga.

Needless to say I am now committed to this method and have over a period of 14 years bought and studied and even attended teacher training courses produced and conducted by Yoga Synergy .

With all that, it’s easy to become complacent with your knowledge so I hesitated to buy the new Ashtanga Course. But I did and have not regretted it. The detailed instruction and demonstrations have concretised some difficult areas I had within my practice for example, having the model lift her collar bone fully demonstrates the lengthening of both the front and back of the spine.

It’s a wonderful resource and one that I will be using often.
Thank you again Yoga Synergy and Simon for a real outstanding product!