Kylie Thayer


If you want to become a yoga teacher, or even just wish to enhance your practice and improve the safety element of it, then I highly recommend taking the opportunity to grab this learning experience with both hands. I am still in the process of completing the online course components, but completed the live Zoom class component with Bianca and Simon earlier this year. We were taught what I think is a fairly traditional style of yoga teaching but with the modern aspects that come with many years of training, teaching and study (both are qualified physiotherapists), bringing the Western science aspect into it. Most of the students doing the Zoom classes with me were actually already teaching yoga but were there to unlearn the not so safe parts and replace them with much safer options. Each week there were stories of the difference it had been making to their teaching, with much positive feedback from their students. I have never taught a class so it was very interesting listening to the difference it was making to the practice of well established yoga teachers.

Bianca and Simon are just lovely, extremely approachable, quick to assist in any way necessary, and brilliant at breaking things down into smaller steps. They are extremely generous with their knowledge, experience and time. The class was made up of a global mix of students and as such they also tried to accomodate the many time zones (a ridiculously difficult undertaking I suspect). The one positive thing to come out of this whole COVID thing has been the ability to undertake this training from home, rather than take a month out of my life to travel and train. I am truly grateful.