Molly Reinhart

Bianca Machliss

I am so glad I chose Yoga Synergy to do my Online Teacher Training. There’s so much information packed in I felt like doing every class twice.

The Synergy Style is exactly what I needed to form the foundation for a safe lifelong practice. I feel equipped to discern what’s going to feel good for me both immediately and long-term, as well as being able to pinpoint and verbally guide what looks uncomfortable in students who might not recognise it or just think it’s part of yoga.

The Spinal Movements Sequence offered here is absolutely incredible. It moves my body in all the right ways and leads me into a beautiful meditative flow. Every time I do it I notice another nuance of how perfectly designed it is.

I didn’t have the intention of teaching when I signed up, but now that I see what a unique practice I’ve learned I want everyone to know!

The quality of information offered by Simon and Bianca is way beyond worth every penny.

My advice to anyone interested is if you’re going to put the time in, you ought to be 100% sure you’re getting the best instruction. Personally, my body and mind say “this is it”.